The Meta Library is an attempt to identify sources of information on the internet. Put simply, it is a list of links to sites that are powerhouses of resources of knowledge, data and news. All kinds of sources -- including the kinds that government lawyers may not admire -- are to be listed.
It is evident that the internet is the greatest accomplishment of mankind in terms of sharing of resources. It would be a tragedy more enormous than any genocide or physical slavery to destroy or stifle access to knowledge. Let us those who recognise the importance of knowledge and have compassion for unjust suffering unite for this cause.
That some centuries later mankind will look back aghast at these times as fraught with the crippling superstition of copyright with its attendant system of slavery, all of which which is no more than a mask for a severe poverty of goodwill in the realm of sharing knowledge. That one day we shall emerge out of the current darkness and behold in renewed light the true power of knowledge.

July 2014 Update: this site is no longer being updated for want of time. And also because the scene hasn't greatly improved so far -- with the possible exception of publicly available data-sets. Please use the Contact form in 'About' for any requests or suggestions.

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