'Time Flies' has received a 5 out of 5 star rating from Get Ready To
THE MENTULLS new studio album 'Time Flies' has just received a 5 out of 5 star rating by top London music promoter Pete Feenstra, written for Get Ready To

Some of the review...
"Unapologetically rooted in the 60’s but infused with a boundless youthful energy and subtle proggy overtones, The Mentulls apparently live for moments of real feel and dig deep for a mix of wholesome grooves and sonic drones, given their shape and texture by some ‘in the moment’ spontaneity.

The Mentulls comprise Andrew Pipe on guitar and vocals, Jamie Pipe on keyboards and Nick Colman on drums. And somehow they manage to create an amazing wall of sound without the glue of a bass player. Sure there are plenty of examples of bands with a keyboard player filling in the bass parts - Matt Schofield immediately springs to mind - but no other trio to my knowledge creates such a dense wall of layered sound.

‘Time Flies’ is an album with a scope way beyond the band’s tender years. The guitar tones are resonant and deep but never strained and each track is a slow building ferment that sets them on a path of boundless aural exploration".



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The Mentulls - The Long Road To Home


This album 'The Long Road To Home' is The Mentulls second album and is a brilliant blues rock album which has had great reviews and has had lots of radio play.

1. The Long Road To Home
2. I Got The Blues 
3. Cant Slow Down
4. I Gotta Tell Ya
5. Where Is It All Coming From
6. Walking at Midnight
The Mentulls New CD 'Time Flies'.
Independent Blues Broadcaster of the Year, Gary Grainger's thoughts on The Mentulls New Album 'Time Flies' -
"The Album is a huge leap forward and shows how much the band, and Andrew Pipe in particular, have matured. All of those gigs - large and small - have obviously helped the band to hone their sound and the production of the album does exactly what it is supposed to do - highlight the songs, and each member of the band, at their best. This album stands up there with the best that is on offer from older, more experienced hands, and deserves to do very very well."
Just had an initial review from Blues Matters Magazine of THE MENTULLS new studio album (out soon) and.....
"WOW!!!!! Bloody great album!!!!!! There will be more considered words at a later stage but this is a damn fine album, good tone, good feel, energy, spirit, enthusiasm for all to hear, variety enough to say we sure are enjoying it, must be about 5th time round now and still going, it will be on for the rest of the day"