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Founded November 2, 2002, the Mentoring Center is a 501 (C) (3) public charity.  Our board, staff and volunteers believe that everyone needs a mentor; someone who has done it before, seen it before, failed before, succeeded before and is willing to share the lessons learned.  This is why we create community centers that offer youth and adults access to a team of cross-cultural, volunteer knowledge area experts that are ready and willing to provide direction and guidance on personal or professional challenges.  Our mentors coach, tutor and advise on everything from how to: take notes in Algebra, complete FAFSA,  secure a graduate fellowship, start a family business, prepare for job interviews and access social services.  We engage the entire community.  The Mentoring Center creates pathways to personal success, economic independence and productive citizenship. 

National Board of Directors

Johne Parker, PhD
Board Vice Chair

Raymond Ingram, MBA
Board Treasurer

Aaron Wilson
Board Secretary

OlaRonke Olatunji, MBA
Board Member

Bill Diggs
Board Member

A. Scott Hunter
Board Member

Donald F. Wilson

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