Youth Services

 Academic Tutorials
The Mentoring Center offers math, reading and science tutorial services for 3rd thru 12th grade students. 

FREE - Students in Title I schools on free or reduced lunch may be eligible for FREE tutoring with the Mentoring Cener through the school district.  Check with your child's school to register for Supplemental Educational Services (SES).  Call the Mentoring Center for additional information.

FEE-BASED - Students not eligible for FREE tutorial services, but requiring help in math, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trig, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, English, History or AP courses should call the Mentoring Center to arrange for on-site or in-home tutoring for a reduced fee.

WHY US - Because the Florida Department of Education, after completing a audit of our state and federally-funded programs and the academic improvement of our students, rated the Mentoring Center:

 100% Compliant -  in policy, procedures, rules, regulations and alignment with our federal/state grant.  "Excellent"  - in Service Designation, which means all of our students met or exceed academic goals.  WHERE - Tutorial services are available at your home, a public facility (Library) or one of our sites.

Virtual School - Digital Distance Learning

The Mentoring Center supports 100% the advantages of distance, online or virtual school courses for credit recovery or academic enrichment.  That's why our community computer labs are open 6 days per week, provide free Internet access and tutors to assist students with online classes. Call to learn more!

"BIG College Interview"

College bound students should arrange for local interviews with college admissions counselors.  If you are not sure of how to arrange for a college interview or you need assistance preparing, we urge you to call us!!!
The Mentoring Center will coach you through the process, help you schedule interviews with your top choice colleges and prepare you for the interviews.  For more information, call your local Mentoring Center today!

          FAFSA Loans, Grants & Scholarships
While College Board, ACT, FAFSA and many other sites are wonderful online guides; a Mentoring Center coach will help you complete your FAFSA application, help you work with your college's financial aid office to get more aid and help you apply to foundations that pay for tuition and fees.

Adult Services

Neighborhood Computer Labs
Young adults and seniors registered with the Mentoring Center have free access to the Internet in our community labs. Call your local center to find one of our partner labs near you!
New Business Coaching
Emerging entrepreneurs registered with the Mentoring Center have access to our free and fee-based new business development classes and are coached thru start-up, capacity-building, marketing, fund/business development strategies for both not-for-profit and for-profit businesses.
Career Coaching

Not sure what career path best matches your goals or skills?  Register with the Mentoring Center and our Career Coach will you align your dreams, goals and skills with the current market place.
Job Skills Training | Placement
Need assistance with your resume, positioning your academic or career assets, our job placement coach and workshops can help.  Learn more, click here Day Labor Works!

See our FAQs page.
Citizenship | Immigration
Home Health Care Education
Learn how to use Medicare or Medicaid for at home healthcare services.
Medicare - Assist Mentoring Center clients with completing Medicare forms and educate them about Medicare options including HMOs and straight Medicare
Medicaid - Assist Mentoring Center clients with completing Medicaid forms, educate them about Medicaid options including HMOs and Medipass.