Day Labor Works!

The Mentoring Center, relying on its proven record building relationships with local employers, providing skills training and matching individuals with jobs, also helps registered clients find hourly and daily job placements.

Placement Assistance Services

Our full range of short and long-term job placement and training services include:
  • An on-site manager responsible for daily operations
  • Access to computers, phones and fax machines
  • Career counseling and individual service strategies
  • Training workshops and professional instructors:
    • Basic computing
    • Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint and Excel
    • Online job search tools and techniques
    • Vocational skills training
    • Resume building
    • Cover letter writing
    • Interviewing skills
  • Employer relationship building
  • On-site job fairs

For more information call 561-366-9447.  Ask about providing our HUD Ross Self-sufficiency programs. Click on the Proclamation image to learn more about our Day Labor Works program.