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When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Knowing When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Emergencies have an uncanny ability of popping up when we least expect them. Not only can they be incredibly inconvenient – but in some cases they can also be quite dangerous. If you’re unsure of which type of plumbing issue constitutes an emergency, then here’s a little more information for you.

When to call an emergency plumber

If you feel like you’re facing an urgent situation, here’s a closer look at what might be considered an emergency - and whether or not it is worth getting in touch with urgent plumbing services for:

Major Leaks

If your taps or pipes have burst and are gushing water all over the place, then this will definitely constitute as an emergency. Rather than risking further damage, try to shut off the water at the mains if you can and get in touch with our team.

Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure is necessary to keep our taps running properly, but too much can result in a burst and too little could leave you struggling to get a few drops. If you’re dealing with water pressure concerns on any side of the scale, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll put an end to the inconvenience.

Loud Banging within Pipes

Vibrations within pipes can occur – but if they go on for longer than a few minutes at a time then it could be the sign of something worse that’s about to happen. Banging in particular can mean that a pipe has come loose from its housing, with the water pressure forcing it to knock against walls and other pipes. Rather than risking further damage, give our team a call.

Severe Blockages

Minor blockages are the types that you’ll typically find within sink plug holes as a result of hair and dirt. Severe and major blockages on the other hand can result in increased water pressure, which could lead to a burst within any affected pipes. To avoid this risk, it’s always best to have a blockage seen to as soon as possible and be sure to temporarily stop using the blocked waterway.