The McVay Cemetery Corporation

A Non Profit Organization

In the summer of 2011 Carroll began the process to turn the McVay Cemetery into a non-profit organization.  He started by clearing the land and having it surveyed.  The surveying was complete in September of 2011.  Through the fall and winter months he completed the applications to obtain non-profit status, and gifted the land to the company.  On December 5, 2011 Carroll sent a letter to the family so that they were aware of the progress and asked for initial donations for the corporation.  The application was finalized on December 21, 2011.  By developing a non-profit organization all donations made to the organization are tax deductible.  Donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent to “ The McVay Cemetery c/o Lisa McVay Hook, 189 Mason Ridge Rd., Mt. Morris, PA 15349”.  Moneys will be used to not only maintain but improve the cemetery as the board members work to complete the improvements that Carroll envisioned and began before his passing.

As the founder of the corporation, Carroll asked his daughter Lisa Hook, his niece Shelby Haines, and his cousin Jeff Frye to serve as board members with him.  Lisa was appointed treasurer of the corporation and Shelby was appointed secretary.