Google Earth Integration

The Math Man 

This page displays my work involving the integration of SketchUp and Google Earth.  The integration of these two tools can be used by city planners, businesses, and anyone else who enjoys playing with the world they live in.

The Absolute World

The Absolute World is a 50+ story condo building planned for development in Mississauga, Ontario.  The building design came out of an international design contest.  I was lucky enough to work with to obtain the job.  This model is the pinnacle of my SketchUp-Google Earth integration career.  You can download the complete model at, the Google Earth Community, or the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.


The Armstrong 

The Armstrong is a restored historic hotel in Fort Collins, CO.  If you have been to the SketchUp Renderings page already, then you also know it is a place that I spend alot of time.  That is to say Mugs, the coffee shop which is located in the same building.  The detail of some of the components makes this model a little difficult to move around, but it is still usable.

Click Here to Download Google Earth file. 

Penny Flats

This is another SketchUp rendering that I have imported into Google Earth.  This is a multi-use facility which was recently proposed to the City of Fort Collins.  I took the 2D black & white side views with defined scale, and turned them into this.


Fort Collins

The Fort Collins 3D model was created with SketchUp and imported into Google Earth.  All of the buildings are low detail, but this allows for the model to be manipulated in Google Earth at a higher rate.  I will post the Google Earth file in the near future, but please take a look at the images for the time being.


Natural Health Plaza

This one of the projects I am currently working on.  Once again I first rendered the facility in SketchUp and with the simple click of the mouse, it was exported into Google Earth.