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We are The Master Tributes, us high ranks are here to assist members in getting better at combat, and answer questions that members might have. Website created by stranger272 [Credit to JVman007,16bit, and Shadowking272.] Original website made by allymae199.
Welcome to the roblox group's new website!

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If you are a high rank, please send me your email (or post it on the forums) so that I can make it so you can edit this page. I am thinking of adding just about anything possibly relating to the group on this page.
Raids 24~1~1(Beat Zircon Empire 3X tied 1X.) Defenses 5-0 as of 1/12/13 Proven Superior to: TRA,WIJ,FE,GA,FB,ZE,CCE, The Red Crusaders, Helion Empire
Original Statement[Written in early June 2012, less than a month after our founding]:
Our statement:We are the Master Tributes. To be one of us you must be obedient, loyal,honorable, and respectful.Contests will be held for promotions. We are having open enlistment until 300 members, then I will evaluate. Also you may request. It is fine to play all versions as long as you are... A proud, skilled, master tribute.The Hunger Games is more than a forceful competition, or even a tradition;it is an art. To master this art you must have high focus, survival skills, and fighting skills. Cowardice is not allowed, with very few exceptions. Cowardice is a weakness, that ruins honor, and chances are if you are a coward, you will not survive the Hunger Games.
In TMT there are many ways to be promoted;
Prove your dedicated loyalty, being low rank I will give you a free promotion for keeping TMT as your primary...
If you are low rank, recruiting 3 members is an automatic promotion, and 5 for middle rank; sometimes if you dont want to be a builder rank you must save up on promotions and then you can skip onwards to Trainer.
Help us out with a sufficient attitude in a raid; a victory means a rally which you may claim a promotion..... Few exceptions except for some supreme tributes. I may award special honors and promotions for the exceeding soldiers.
This may not be included sometimes....
If you attend a few training this is a promotion, especially if you are a low rank.
This could be by proving yourself superior in terms of fighting, or winning a prize as supreme attender. In order to be an official training 5 TMT members must be there.
-Contests & Tournaments
This is for simply winning scheduled tournaments and contests; these tend to be occasional events and you shouldn't be to them so often.
For this there may be 1st prize, along with 2nd, 3rd.
Simply build a satisfactory/good fort or training area and you may be ranked up to builder rank. If you are already above that rank, it won't count against you but will help your reputation and may earn you some promotions.
This is not very common.
Honestly, sitting inactively in our group doesn't mean you get this promotion, you have to actually be active enough.
There may be other ways to be promoted I may also have, such as winning TMT obstacle course and claimining 1-3 promotions, with few exceptions[SUPREME!!!!]
I may update this forum post if I want to add some.
I wish you luck and enjoy yourselves!
 How to join: Step 1: Go to www.roblox.com
Step 2: create a account (if needed)
Step 3:  Go to " My Roblox"
Step 4: On the same tab look for "contests" But look down a bit and there is the groups.
Step 5: Search The master tributes and join!!! :)

What is the Master Tributes?
The master tributes is a fantastic group on www.roblox.com. We are the best of the best when it comes to Hunger games.. You should join us for some fun and some good trainings!

The Master Tributes train through playing games.
" We are winners of the Hunger Games, true warriors and also survivalists, we are each truly specialized."