Grant Piano Studio
Professional Piano Studio
Des Moines, IA

I am a professional piano instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience. The doors to my studio are open to disciplined students who are eager to learn, want to play the piano the correct way, and who strive to excel. I introduce my students to a wide range of repertoire, from Baroque to Jazz, and encourage them to choose pieces from varying styles.

The main focus of my teaching is to provide my students with the foundation of Theory and the art of Performance. My approach is individually tailored to the age, level, and personality of each student. I have solutions for technical problems through special exercises, targeting specific problematic areas. My students learn interpretation techniques appropriate for each style.

I am dedicated and knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring. After reading my students' and parents' comments below, please contact me at grantpianostudio@gmail.com


"Dr. Grant is a professional pianist and dedicated teacher. Her techniques and commitment to high quality are evident in her students' performances. She has high expectations for herself and for her students. As students of Dr. Grant, my children are receiving a true musical education and are being prepared to have a background in piano instruction that will serve them for a lifetime."

~ Bill Dumansky, Sioux Falls, SD (Parent)


"I can't even begin to describe how wonderful Dr. Grant is, as a teacher AND a friend. She taught me more in the few years with her, than I had ever learned. I loved going to lessons with her because she's fun, energetic, intelligent, and very talented. Even though we had fun conversing, she always got right down to business. She takes her teaching very seriously and it shows! It shows through her students. I've seen so many talented pianists study through Asia; she is the ONLY teacher I would even think of learning from!!!"

~ Taylor Newcomb-Weiland, Sioux Falls, SD (Student)


I am an adult student who has spent the last 4 years in pursuit of a music degree. I have excelled at music theory, studied pedagogy, and taken lessons under three teachers with doctorates. Throughout my education I had nagging concerns about the quality of technical training I was receiving.
I was practicing an average of 4 hours a day, and was concerned about injury. I researched educational resources on tension in keyboard, but they were only available on the East Coast. Dr. Grant was referred to me by Tim Coates a highly regarded tuner and specialist in refurbishing pianos. 
Dr. Grant trained me on hand position, and taking the key for richest tone. We trained for months on the skill of playing without tension. It was a success; after years of playing with tension Dr. Grant altered my playing to a tension free approach. 
I am most grateful to her for the rare skills and immense patience she has. I have returned to the University with apparent skills and exceptional repertoire that have surprised the faculty! Comments from the faculty have been made on my musicality and tonality!
~ Dee J. (Student)


I had the good fortune to take piano lessons from Dr. Grant for six months right before she moved to Iowa. I’m a professional jazz and R&B pianist and singer, but I didn’t start playing piano until I was in my forties, and I’m mostly self-taught. When I started taking lessons from Dr. Grant, she saw that my mechanics were not right. So she started me out with exercises for the thumb under the fingers and fingers over the thumb, then had me work on four-octave scales and arpeggios in the Russian style and a few of the Czerny's School of Velocity Etudes. For the first month, my playing was horribly uneven, and I could only play the Czerny pieces at really slow tempos. But Dr. Grant was encouraging and told me not to worry about speed but to concentrate on evenness and to identify the fingers that were causing “stumbling” in the middle of passages. Since I took up piano late in life, I’d always assumed I’d never be able to play with any real facility. But working with Dr. Grant, I started playing much faster and easily than I ever imagined possible.
Dr. Grant not only transformed my mechanics, she also taught me so much about musicality. Although we weren’t able to work on repertoire much, I did play for her some of the Bach pieces I’d been working on. She taught me so much about how to interpret Bach and how to practice difficult pieces like the Fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier, and the Partitas. I’ll be working on what I learned from Dr. Grant for the rest of my life.
~ Sammy H. (Student, SFSD)


"I've played piano for many years, but since I was largely self-taught, I had developed some pretty bad habits. Dr. Grant has been a perfect piano teacher for me, and I've improved greatly in a fairly short period of time. To start with, she is amazingly talented. But beyond that, she is a gifted teacher and a warm and generous person. She offers me patience and respect as I work on unraveling the old, and learning the new."

~ Wendy Swedean, Sioux Falls, SD (Student)


"My 8-year-old is taking lessons from Dr. Grant as am I. Dr. Grant puts students at ease, but make no mistake: she also pushes her students to master the piano. Technique and musicality go hand-in-hand with her, even from the very first lessons."

~Martin D. (Parent)


"Dr. Grant is the teacher to go with if you are serious about mastering piano. With her extensive education in the best traditions of the European piano school, she can take your kid all the way to the stage! Friendly attitude and flexible hours are easy to find, but on top of that here you'll get a real chance of learning the best practices and time-honored traditions of classical music. I'd go even further and say that studying with Dr. Grant will have a wider effect on your child while learning how to play - it's in a way a cultural development that forms a good taste and feel of the music."

~John G. (Parent)


"What an eye opener!! Dr. Grant is an exceptionally brilliant teacher, and I feel very lucky I found her. After taking piano lessons for more than 6 years from 4 different teachers - 3 being College/University Professors - I realized that I don't play piano the right way... My approach to the instrument, my technique, my touch, my tone has completely changed in less than 10 month. WOW!! I do strongly suggest taking piano lessons with Dr. Grant - no doubts she IS THE ONE and is worth every penny!!"

~George (Student)


"Dr. Grant is such a fantastic teacher. I had a teacher for four years who was not kind, and when I started having lessons with Dr. Grant, it made a world of difference. I learned more in the year I was taking lessons from Dr. Grant than in the four years I was with my previous teacher. 
Dr. Grant pushes students to do their best without making them feel pressured in any way. She is a kind, warm and funny person, and that translates over to her teaching style. She is a very talented pianist who has spent her entire life playing the piano and loving music. Dr. Grant has truly been an inspiration to me and I'm sure to countless other students. I feel so privileged to have met and been taught by Dr. Grant, and I only wish I could have been taught by her for a little longer!
I recommend Dr. Grant to anyone looking for a skilled piano teacher with a big heart."

~Olivia S. Seattle, WA (Student)


"My teacher taught me the right way to play piano. She pushed me to practice pieces that I liked no matter the difficulty level. Dr. Grant is a teacher that any student could connect with, and she is very friendly. Dr. Grant gave me the experience to play the piano correctly as there are few people in Sioux Falls that actually teach the students the correct procedure."

~ Bryce D. Sioux Falls, SD (Student)


"Dr. Grant has been a positive influence on my daughters' (ages 12 and 9) music education. She is approachable about questions or concerns we may have. Dr. Grant enjoys music and wants her students to enjoy what they are playing. My daughters look forward to their lessons because Asia makes them feel at ease; they laugh a lot! Most importantly, they love music and they enjoy practicing. I believe that a teacher makes all the difference. The change in my daughters playing from previous teachers to Dr. Grant is remarkable!! I would strongly recommend Dr. Grant as a piano teacher."

~Shelly S. Sioux Falls, SD (Parent)


"I like how Dr. Grant teaches me to play piano, because she makes it fun and gives me theory papers."

~Lucas H. (Student)

"Dr. Grant has been a wonderful piano teacher for my son, Lucas, age 7.  She uses her education in music to skillfully combine the science and art of playing the piano.  She knows how to find the right balance to challenge Lucas, yet make it fun and exciting for him.  She individualizes her lessons for each child.  Dr. Grant has been incredibly flexible and easy to approach with questions or concerns.  She is very encouraging and truly cares about her students.  As a parent, it has been a pleasure working with Dr. Grant and watching Lucas' progress."

~Lana H. Sioux Falls, SD (Parent)