2018 Ohio Pokemon Invitational

The 2018 Ohio Pokémon Invitational (Information is Tentative and is Subject to Change)


What is it?

What is the OPI?  It is a thank you to all the players that attended events in the Ohio area that are ran by these Organizers:

  • Johnathan Neville
  • Ryan Patterson
  • Patrick Brett
  • A.J. Schumacher
  • Anthony Haslage
  • Laura Norton
  • Brock Partch
  • Ben Ford
  • Michael Woitalla 
  • Tim Herbert
  • Sarah Hume

Who can play?

OPI is for the TCG and VGC players that show commitment and skill throughout the season.

How can I qualify?


By placing in the top x of players (Masters) or the top x of players (Jr/Sr)


By placing in the top x of players (Masters) or the top x of players (Jr/Sr)


There will be a TCG LCQ held prior to the tournament.  First place in Masters and the Jr/Sr Combined Pod will receive free entry and a round 1 bye of the invitational.

Are there any other requirements to participate?

Nope!  Just play in premier events and other select events ran by the organizers listed above!

Technical Stuff

Eligible Tournaments

For the VGC

·         Premier Challenges

·         Mid-Season Showdowns

·         Any other Tournament that is specified

For the TCG

·         League Challenges

·         League Cups

·         Prereleases

·         Any other Tournament that is specified

Point Structure

Tournament Structure (Tentative)

To be Announced


The Video Game and Trading Card Game formats are TBD.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for this tournament is TBD.


The OPI will be featuring some great prizing! 

--Championship Points are not awarded at this event--


IP Tracker

IP Tracker TCG

IP Tracker VGC

Official Facebook Page (Check here for the most up to date information!)


To find events ran by the organizers listed above, please check out the following pages:

The Official Pokemon Event Locator

Pokemon Ohio on Facebook

OPI News Stream

Minutemen Gaming (Ryan Patterson)

TM Events and  @TMEvents_ (Johnathan Neville)

330 Games  and 330 Games on Facebook (A.J. Schumacher)

Games Ohio and Games Ohio on Facebook (Anthony Haslage)

Summit City Gym and Summit City Gym on Facebook (Michael Woitalla)

No Limit Gaming on Facebook (Tim Herbert)

Contact Information

Johnathan Neville

If you have any questions about this event please email him at TheMastersEvents@gmail.com or DM @TMEvents_ on twitter.


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