Bob Karp:  The Master of the Blade


 Born in the aftermath of the Great Depression, Mr.Karp began throwing knives at a very early age.  What began as a cheap means of entertainment quickly became his hobby, his sport, his passion, and eventually, his art.

     Regarded highly as the world's foremost authority on the art of knife throwing, Mr. Karp has stood as president of the International Knife Throwers Alliance(IKTA), has created his own impressive line of throwing knives, and trained several law enforcement and military personnel in hand to hand combat techniques. More recently, he has been honored by the Knife Throwers Hall of Fame, which named the Gold Cup, one of if not the highest honor in knife throwing, after Mr. Karp.
 His unrivalled skill, and uncanny understanding/mastery of the mechanics of knife throwing have undoubtedly earned him the fitting title of:
"The Master of the Blade."
  Mr. Karp is pictured above holding "The Iron Mistress" as recreated by the world renown knife maker D'Alton Holder.  This blade was gifted to Mr. Karp on his 60th birthday along with a copy of the original blueprints of the legendary blade.