Frequently Asked Questions:

How did the project start?

In 2006 a permanent structure was built in Masiphumelele to provide education for disadvantaged children in South Africa. This place was called "Kiddies Corner." A German couple, Family Stroeck, provided the initial finances to create this space for the children and asked Pastor Elisabeth Syre to step in to oversee the home when they left South Africa in 2007.


However, the premises had been mis-managed and was being mis-used for other functions by a local administrator who resided on the property. This created an unsafe environment for the children as slowly many toys that were donated for the children disappeared and the premises fell into disarray. When Elisabeth arrived in January 2008 with donated food and toys, all the children were gone. 


Neighbors pointed Paster Elisabeth to the home of Yolisa Gopie. She had taken the children into her own home in Masiphumelele to provide food, shelter, and a warm and loving environment. Elisabeth and Yolisa's friendship began to flourish and they decided to work together to improve the lives of these disadvantaged children. The project continues by faith - faith in a mighty God who supplies all our needs according to His riches.

How many children are cared for at the Elisabeth Yolisa Home for Children?

There are 60-65 children, ranging from newborn through the age of five.


The home provides a blended environment for children during the day as a "creche" or day care and overnight for children who do not have a home:

  • It provides day care to a few children whose families are able to pay a small stipend towards the care of their children - these children do not stay overnight
  • It provides a home for children without parents - these children stay here overnight
  • It provides a home for unwanted and abused children

Who provides the day-to-day care?

Yolisa Gopie runs the home with her sister, Lucy, and another mother, Chantal. All three live in the home and provide the necessary spiritual, emotional, and physical care for the children on a day-to-day basis. The home bases its foundation and teaching on the word of God. God's love provides a safe environment where the children are free to be themselves under the leadership of Yolisa and her team.  The Elisabeth Yolisha Home for Children provides an environment where children are sheltered from criminal activities, and promotes healing in each child under the word of God.

Who provides oversight on the project?

The project is managed by Pastor Elisabeth Syre under Elisabeth Syre Ministries. Elisabeth Syre Ministries (ESM) is a non-profit organization in South Africa under NPO 046-095.
Pastor Elisabeth has organized the project, with the help of a few close friends, so that the children received donated food and clothes twice a week. Elisabeth is personally responsible for ensuring that the children receive necessary food, clothing and supplies so that the home can provide an educational environment where children are fed twice a day, as well as a comfortable environement for those that stay there overnight. She has ensured that matresses and blankets were delivered. And frequently delivers food and clothing herself to Masiphumelele.

What does the home need?

We appreciate all financial donations, which will be used towards the following, needed items: 
  • Diapers (called Nappies in South Africa)
  • Baby items, such as bottles
  • Food that is not donated, but required
  • Clothing
  • Educational materials
  • Toys & playground equipment
  • Blankets, matresses, and pillows
  • Window panes
  • Sturdier door to provide safety
  • Extra bathroom facilities (toilets/sinks) to accomodate all the kids (a priority)
  • Storage containers
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fans/heaters (depending on season)
  • Building renovations (eventually want to build on to the existing home to provide more space)
  • Insurance
  • Electricity/Maintenance Costs
Donations have provided us with the means to repaint and repave the Children's Home, provide additional shipping containers on the property that serve as sleeping spaces, cooking utensils, a stove, washing machine, fridge, microwave, freezer for storing extra food, childrens chairs and tables, toiletries, toys, a TV and DVD player for educational instruction, winter clothing (tracksuits, winter hats, knitted jerseys).

How can I help?

We accept financial donations.  

Standard Bank of South Africa

Elisabeth Syre Ministries

Account Number: 07-626-3517

Branch code: 02-53-09

International Banking code-SWIFT:  SBZAZAJJ

Note: For the children in Masiphumelele

The Elisabeth Yolisa Home for Children is run by ESM, a non-profit organization. It has an official committee consisting of a chair person, a secretary, and a treasurer. An annual report is provided to the government of South Africa regarding all financial donations.

Do the staff or volunteers get paid?

Presently only Yolisa and her sister, Lucy, get paid for providing the day-to-day care of the children. They are provided a combined monthly salary of R2300 South African Rands (approximately $270 or Euro 210). They are paid from donations. This money is not enough for them to live on, but supplements their retirement/pension.  Eventually, we would like to have enough financial support to provide a stipend or small salary for our volunteers. Until then, the project continues through the wonderful support of our volunteer staff.

Who are your current donors?

  • Woolworths in Fishhoek provides out-of-date food twice a week
  • Checkers in Meadowridge provides food and toiletries once a month
  • The Methodist Church ladies in Bergvliet have knitted blankets
  • Oversees friends have provided financial donations
The distribution and delivery of food from Fishhoek is coordinated by Pat Snoek
The distribution and delivery of food from Meadowridge is coordinated by Pastor Elisabeth Syre.

Where is the Elisabeth Yolisa Home for Children and can we visit?

Yes, all visits must be coordinated through Pastor Elisabeth Syre or Yolisa Gopie so that safety is ensured with the children at all times.
The Elisabeth Yolisa Home for Children is located in a typical African township, on Ntantala Road in Masiphumelele, that consists of several container homes, or homes built from various building materials such as tin, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. It is very close to Fishoek in Cape Town, South Africa.