3resource LLP 

Who we are: 

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge” – Albert Einstein


…and at 3resource LLP creativity and imaginative thinking is part of the solutions package we provide...

The core services of 3resource LLP are split into 3 different areas:

• Financial, Cost & Management accounting and reporting and Tax Planning and guidance in order to assist SME owners and managers to get to grips with the key financial and non-financial value drivers in improving overall business performance and assistance in retaining cash flow and funds in the organisation to help fuel future growth;

• Portfolio, Programme & Project management and trouble shooting of finance functions in SME client organisations, with an emphasis on strong financial management discipline and turn around actions to re-invigorate performance and profitability, focussing on complex multi-dimensional projects and functional areas, including finance, internal marketing, change & performance management, clinical and IT services;

• Innovation and Idea Merchants

Industry Experience:

Foreign Exchange Services, Pre-paid currency cards, Healthcare, Construction, Property Investment & Development, Recruitment Services, Business Brokering, Computer Hardware & Software Distribution, Hotel & Leisure, Professional Services Firms (Auditing and Accounting Services)


Idea & Innovation Merchants

Financial & Tax Planning

Incomplete Records (Accounting)
Business Strategists
Business Development Advisors
Portfolio, Programme & Project Management and Control
General Operational & Strategic Trouble shooting
Interim Finance Managers / Directors
Organisational Development and Change Managers
Managing Successful Programme practitioners

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it” - Albert Einstein