Do you teach your students how to work in a team?  Do they know the fundamentals of good teamwork?  Do they know why these skills are important?  The Marble Racing Game is a fun activity that lets your students discover important teamwork concepts for themselves and helps them better understand why they are important.

Why teamwork?

Teamwork is often listed as a required skill by companies looking for potential employees.  It's one of the 21st Century skills that should be taught and used in schools.  Teachers often make the mistake of assigning group work without teaching students how to work in a team.  

Who should play this game?

The Marble Racing Game can be played with any group of people, ages 13 and up. It was developed to be played in a classroom but can also work well in a corporate setting as professional development.

What will players learn?

The Marble Racing Game emphasizes three important concepts of an effective team. These are:

  • A Common Goal
  • Communication
  • Collaboration