System Engineering

Modern Methods of Systems Engineering: With an Introduction to Pattern and Model Based Methods

Systems engineering is an ever evolving engineering discipline. In the late 1990s new methods emerged that enable shorter product development cycles and at the same time improve the quality of systems engineering documentation that is critical to the development of high quality products. Systems engineers and managers of product development have an excellent selection of handbooks and books available from US Government agencies and professional organizations that treat systems engineering fundamentals. Unfortunately the documents I am familiar with have not incorporated the newest methodologies. The intent of this work is to provide a self-training guidebook to systems engineering fundamentals and to these new methodologies. Learning the fundamentals is essential to understanding and implementing the new methods. Product development organizations that adopt the new methods can realize significant reductions in the systems engineering portions of product development and achieve higher quality systems engineering products. The specific objectives of this material are to:

·         Teach modern systems engineering methods that support product development on short schedules and at low development costs

·         Teach methods and tools in formats compatible with standard systems engineering references to enable students to continue to study on their own after finishing this material

·         Provide initial steps toward systems engineering templates for rapid product development

The approach that will be followed is to:

  •    Summarize how  engineering methods has evolved and led to modern systems engineering     
  •    Review the fundamentals necessary to understand modern methods
  •        Provide exercises for the students that become initial steps toward templates specific to their work
  •        Describe methods and tools in formats compatible with standard references like the INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) Systems Engineering Handbook, and The  Department of Defense Systems Management College publication “Systems Engineering Fundamentals”

Chapter 1 may be viewed or downloaded in PDF from this page.  Podcasts in MP3 of the first three chapters of about 15 to 20 minutes each are available to download.  MP3 files of additional chapters may be added if there is interest from readers.
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