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Leadership Book

The Manager's Guide for Effective Leadership book is a self study course in leadership for managers and for workers who wish to prepare themselves for management. It addresses motivating people and improving processes. People and processes are common to every type of organization so the course applies to any organization. The book is based on the author’s more than 35 years of leadership experience and training by leading management experts. It combines teaching leadership principles with exercises that enable students to apply the principles to their specific organization and to develop personal leadership action plans to guide building superior organizations.          

The book is a guide to becoming an effective leader. It complements leadership books by others that teach leadership behavior. The Manager's Guide for Effective Leadership teaches how to apply this behavior to the student’s organization. Typical leadership books focus on motivating people. This book addresses both motivating people and improving the processes people use in their work. This is crucial because it is only through empowering workers to control and improve their work processes that the highest level of worker motivation is achieved and the most effective organization is developed.

If you learn this material, do the exercises, the necessary outside reading and put these methods into practice you can expect to see 20 to 30% improvement in the effectiveness of your organization. You will see improved job satisfaction for you and your workers. Your workers will take control of their jobs freeing you from daily crisis management and enabling you to lead your organization in achieving strategic goals. This is a strong claim. The author makes it because he has made it happen and there are sound practical reasons why it works.

The book is available in hard cover and soft cover at  AuthorHouse , Amazon   and  Barnes and Noble .    It is available for download in Ebook at AuthorHouse.

The Book Teaches Modern Methods to:

  • Motivate people with:
    • Best Management Practices
    • Effective Appraisals
    • Improved Policies
    • Controlled Empowerment
  • Manage Your Time by:
    • Prioritizing Tasks
    • Effective Scheduling
    • Streamlined Meetings
    • Delegating the Right Tasks
  • Strengthening Your Organization by:
    • Hiring Better People
    • Reducing Staff Turnover
    • Improving Processes
  • Manage Problems by:
    • Preventing Crisis
    • Fixing Crisis
    • Identifying Problems
    • Understanding Problems