This site is for managers, prospective managers and anyone  interested in either modern management or modern systems engineering. The material is organized in two parts. One part addresses the self study of modern management methods based on the book "The Manager's Guide for Effective Leadership" and an associated blog. The second part addresses methods for 21st century systems engineering.

Study of the management methods is intended to prepare individuals for promotion to senior management positions when combined with the necessary hands on practice of these methods.

Study of the systems engineering methods is intended to prepare managers and systems engineers to correctly practice modern systems engineering in a way that dramatically shortens the schedule and cost of the systems engineering associated with new product development. The reason I recommend managers study the systems engineering materials presented here is that managers must know what modern systems engineering is capable of when implemented correctly. More mistakes on projects are due to managers not understanding systems engineering than are due to poor performance of systems engineers. Modern systems engineering can save time and money so it's important for managers to know how to achieve these savings. 
A recommended methodology for learning leadership is included in the attached PowerPoint presentation.

Methodology for Learning Leadership