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MDNA Tour Reviews

 a review of the show you attending is a simple task.You can write a long review with every little detail or short and sweet. Example my favorite moment was vogue and so on. Bottom line is you don't have to be writing expert but we want to hear what you have to say.

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Mexico City 1&2 by @mr_madonna 12/6/2012

posted Dec 6, 2012, 5:30 PM by Chris V

I was lucky enough to see her twice. I was excited before each show, then I got impatient of waiting, damnit! Standing for 7 hours, waiting, thinking she was not real, just someone I saw on TV, someone I listened to, then the bell rang and all went dark, and my heart jumped. When she burst forth from the confessional, I cried. I was finally seeing my idol of 27 years, in the flesh....something like this just does not happen to someone like me....

From Girl Gone Wild, gyrating and jumping, to crying during Masterpiece, to being spellbound during I'm Addicted, the show did not disappoint, not even once. My legs ached, my throat was tired, but damnit I was gonna jump and scream for my queen, because she deserved it, so much energy and drama in one show, that was the highest defining moment of my life. I cannot thank her enough for being alive and for having a show, thanking my own bravery for going to Mexico City alone, and thanking someone who will always be special, for buying me a ticket for the second night, even though I managed to get in to the GT. Some lucky fan in general got my upgraded ticket...pass on the love...

I feel I belong in an elite group of people on this planet, those who love Madonna, and have seen her live....for the seconds I had eye contact with the queen, to the nanosecond our skin made contact...I am eternally blessed and shall never forget those moments...

@mr_madonna #MDNAMexico1 and #MDNAMexico2


posted Nov 11, 2012, 3:59 AM by Chris V   [ updated Nov 11, 2012, 4:02 AM ]


That was the news that greeted my phone in my hotel room in Dallas on Friday 19th October at exactly 16:00CT. I was getting ready to go out with some of the dancers as they rang me at 1 to tell me that they've just arrived in Dallas from Denver so I was SUPER EXCITED! After flying from London that week just to see the Queen live on my 21st birthday which was that Saturday you could imagine I was literally a girl gone wild! After receiving the shocking news I was hysterical, my mum had to calm me down on the bathroom floor as I was just weeping like a baby! When my friend got to my hotel I had 5 minutes to spruce myself up and I was told not to worry as the Sunday show is definitely going ahead!

I had an amazing birthday after meeting up with Sal, who flew all the way from Saudi Arabia to see the Queen. The next day I was on edge all day praying for GT for the show that looked like it was definitely going ahead! Then BOOM at 14:00 on the dot I got the email confirming I had GT and where to pick my tickets up from! No I was ECSTATIC! My mum and I went to get something to eat and went back to our hotel and got ready. We got to the American Airlines Centre at about 20:00, Benny Benassi was playing, I saw some people in the pit that I recognize from Twitter, shout out to Sal, Brianna, the 2 Sarahs, Ben, David, DitaLuver, Wayne, Rachael and many more. I got my picture taken by and with Guy Oseary. He thanked me for coming all that way and actually recognized me from Twitter!

Then waiting for Madonna was killer but worth it, I was with my mum who’s been a lifelong M fan, my mum hasn’t seen M live since 2006 so she was really excited!

The show went by so fast and the GT was truly the best experience of my life! M sang a line looking right into my eyes during Like a Virgin, and as she lifted her leg to put over the piano she looked right at me again! During her speech she pointed to my British flag and said "UK Represent" and towards the end of Like a Virgin she wanted to take my flag, I think she wanted to sing Love Spent with it (tribute to Guy Ritchie probably) and her security guard Alessandro smacked the flag away and she looked at him with such anger, it was sooo funny! But it would’ve been great if she sang it with my flag! But ah well...maybe next time!

I loved the show and this was truly a great experience! I want to see the show again one last time but I don’t think my bank would appreciate that! LOOOL

- @RachelleMDNA

Dallas & Houston 10/21/2012

posted Oct 27, 2012, 3:39 AM by Chris V   [ updated Oct 27, 2012, 3:47 AM ]

Read @callmemrwayne open letter here

I was able to attend both the Dallas and first show in Houston. Both experiences I was in the Golden Triangle.

There is literally nothing like being 2 feet away from Madonna. She looked as iconic as I imagined. If I look half that good at 54, I will be happy.

The show was unbelievable. From the opening crash of Girl Gone Wild to the bass-thumping party atmosphere of Celebration at the end, it was non stop fun and excitement all the way through. Madonna gave it her all, and despite some negative reviews she has gotten that this show doesn't compare to past tours or she didn't do enough "old" stuff, my expectations were greatly exceeded!

Needless to say Madonna has ruined any future concert experience I may have. Being in the "pit" TWICE is a memory I will never forget!! Thanks MDNA!!


Chicago september 19th by @Croxmad

posted Sep 20, 2012, 9:25 PM by Chris V   [ updated Oct 28, 2012, 1:42 AM ]

The day started normal and we had great seats to see the queen so we were super exited. Most people that knew they were getting Golden Triangle tickes were email the night before. We left early and it was not until I was inside the arena that noticed a message from Guy Oseary's  Assistant Sam that she had GT arm bands for us. She came over put them on us and took us to the floor. She explained to security on one side the wrist band trumps everything since we did not have the tickets that said GT on them. On the other side of the floor they would not let us pass for this reason so I emailed Sam back and here she came looking pissed off. She jumped on the arena security and explained to them the wrist band trumps everything! She brought over the head of security for the arena and told him what’s up! We were escorted in. When we arrived in the triangle there were about 20-30  people inside having fun so I knew it was going to be a great night. I was still shaking because this will be the first time I would be that up close to Madonna. I could not believe exactly how close it really was but I will go into that later.


There were so many good looking guys in the Triangle and they were very nonjudgmental, let’s face it gay men do that. We were just all so happy that we were one of about 100 people selected to be there while the other 20K watched from their seats. We all knew we were there for the queen and everyone respected it.  Now for the bad part, no seats, drinks or eating in the triangle. We arrived about 645 pm and the Dj Okenfold started close to 9. Madonna finally hit that stage right at 10.It was a lot of standing, jumping and dancing and I was dehydrated. None of it mattered the queen was in front of me.

As she made her many trips down into the triangle section she stopped many times right in front of is. She even stuck here microphone right in my face to sing Like a prayer.

She left us all breathless and many of us have never been that close so there were tears in many eyes due to this wonderful experience.

After the show was letting out we had on out golden triangle wrist bands and we were stopped by several parties asking if they could get them for the Thursday show. I told them no, you have to be picked and went on my merry way.

Most of the pictures i took were just OK at best. I only had my iphone with me on this night.


I will never forget this magical night for the rest of my life! @croxmad

London, Hyde Park 17/07/2012 by @RachelleMDNA

posted Jul 30, 2012, 4:23 PM by Chris V   [ updated Oct 28, 2012, 1:43 AM ]

London, Hyde Park 17/07/2012

Ok so my day started at 3:00 AM, I had to get on a series of night and 24 hr buses but I finally got to Hyde Park at 5. I was surprised at the little fans that were there but was happy that I would be by the front at the show as there were literally 30 people there and that included golden circlers AND general admissioners. Time went quite quickly and I met some lovely people! The atmosphere was great and the weather was surprisingly lovely despite a few dark clouds about lunchtime. So when the blonde lady came to do the golden triangle contest I knew there was no chance of me winning because she stayed mainly with the golden circle people and me being the broke ass that I am only had a general admission ticket. So the Early Entry people were let in first and we could hear Madonna doing sound check and just hearing her voice made me cry, the people around me were all holding me as they saw how emotional I was. Then they prepared to open the gates for everyone and when they did I sprinted to the stage! I ran right up to the barrier and claimed my space off to the left at the barrier, I could see her doing soundcheck and she seemed to be in good spirits and was happy. Then she left but the sound people were still onstage, then the guy from LMFAO came on stage and was sorting out the sound for his show, but I was saving all my energy for the Queen. Was chatting to a few Madonna fans that were at the barrier with me and all i heard were gasps, and guess who was walking right near us....the Prince himself...ROCCO...omg I was so excited, I wished him a happy birhtday when it comes and he thanked me and from that moment onwards I have decided that I am Rocco Ritchie's biggest fan! LOOOL

So Martin Solveig came on, played some good tunes, then LMFAO, he was good but as you know I was saving ALL my energy for Ms Ciccone Penn Ritchie... then I saw Kylie, Stella McCartney and George Michael walk to their bit...then the moment came.

I was so pleased with my position and I could see EVERYTHING as I was right at the barrier....the opening of the show was amazing, the oh my god bits slayed me...I was in tears, screaming and amazed then she came on...the atmosphere was a bit lacklustre as the venue sucked and it was broad daylight but I couldnt care less. Most of the people around did not know GGW but I sang along to every lyric and couldnt care less, the woman next to me got upset cos I was singing along so I shouted at her and told her that if she wanted ot sit in silence she couldve stayed at home and savd herself £80, she spent the rest of the concert giving me daggers ah well...the first segment SLAYED, I didnt like the Hung Up performance and thought it was the worst bit of the show, the next segment WOKE the crowd up with 70,000 people singing every lyric to Express Yourself and then the GMAYL choreography was BRILL, the JML interlude is FLAWLESS and a highlight, I thought the majorette section was too short, they could defo add another song in there maybe Into the Groove or a fan fave Angel ( I would die) then the basque section of the show which I adored was so so amazing and teh Kalakan trio actually gave me goosebumps! Madonnas Sagarra Jo speech was lovely but the next segment blew me away! The whole of Hyde Park ERUPTED when the opening noted of Vogue came on! OMG then Candy Shop/Erotica and then one of my fave Madonna songs ever HUMAN NATURE...this is how HN is supposed to be performed NOT behind a guitar wearing a white hat! and then the flawless Like a Virgin! now that was amazing and I was blown away by Madonna's vocals, ithink she needs to go back to singing with a lower vocal register as her voice is divine like this. The next segment was amazing and my fave Im Addicted performance blew me away, IAS was a bit boring I gotta admit but then Like a Prayer, the opening notes of the choir singing gave me gooosebumps and then the tears came! Literally that was the most surreal moment of my life! Singing Like a Prayer with 70,000 people is literally the greatest moment of my life! and the ending was great, the choreography for celebration is immense like WHERE THE FUCK does Madonna get her energy from? I did feel the last segment could do with an extra song, maybe a Holiday or Music or even something never been done before liek Impressive Instant.

But that was my first ever Madonna show and she never let me down, i love her even more now which 2 weeks ago I didnt think was possible!

Hope you liked my review! @RachelleMDNA xxx

London 7/17/2012 by @Madonher2

posted Jul 21, 2012, 3:00 PM by Chris V   [ updated Dec 6, 2012, 5:25 PM ]


My day started at 12:00 with a rehearsal at the beautiful venue 'One Mayfair'. This was the location of the Platinum Experience pre event. Guests here had paid approx. £1000 for their Madonna day. This was a champagne reception followed by a beautiful three course meal consisting of poached salmon, duck breast and wild strawberry and caramelized cocoa nib ice cream. At each place setting was a beautiful menu card with MDNA tour logo on the back. On each seat was a copy of the MDNA tour book, an MDNA tour European tour watch and a live nation carrier bag to put them in. At around 3pm, came a performance from the amazing Melissa Totten, world class Madonna impersonator. This is why I was there, to backing dance for her. We performed the show in-between courses. Opening with Vogue from the Sticky and Sweet tour, Melissa then went on to do an acoustic set, just her and a guitarist (this was none other than John Themis, who was the original guitarist with Boy George and Culture Club. He also composed and performed the Greek guitar for the soundtrack to Swept Away), performing Like a Prayer, Papa Don't Preach and Live to Tell/Oh Father. Finally we closed with Get Together and Hung Up from the Confessions Tour.
At 5:30pm we were escorted over to Hyde Park by the Live Nation Experience promoter, Stuart. Once there he gave us all Crew Passes, wristbands that entitled us to free food and drink in the VIP area and access to the Golden Circle. I knew people who had queued from 6am in the morning with general admission tickets, to get to the front. I was in the middle of the Gold Circle yet when Madonna was on the main stage, she was still a long way away. God only knows how far she must have seemed for the guys in general admission.

I took my place in the crowd at around 7:15....and waited. There was a lot of talk about whether Madonna would be late on, as she had been every other time I had seen her. This was especially relevant as only days earlier, the plug had been pulled on Springsteen and McCartney for overrunning!
Then, dancers dressed as monks came onto the stage and started to ring the bell, she was coming! Aside from Blond Ambition, I think this is the best opening to her concerts I've seen. Opening with Girl Gone Wild immediately gets everyone hyped. Unfortunately, being outdoors on a summers evening, it was still light, so the effects of the screens was lost a little to start with. It was great to hear Revolver, not really known by many people there, but there were still lots of fans around me singing along, including me. It has been said already, and I agree, I feel the opening segment of the show is very violent.
I don't want to go song by song, so will pull out what I feel are the good and bad points of the show for me. I appreciate that Madonna has a new album out and will obviously want to perform music from that album, although this will be great for dedicated fans, I think it meant she lost a lot of people who came to see her based on the Madonna music they know and love. They didn't know all the album tracks from MDNA and some of her biggest hits were so re-worked, they were almost unrecognizable. For some songs this worked, I loved her version of Like A Virgin, it was so packed with emotion and feeling, however losing the Abba loop from Hung Up I think is a mistake, as it's what makes that song what it is and Open Your Heart was almost painful to listen to. What happened to the leaked version on YouTube of her rehearsing a real dance version of that? Of course the songs that got the biggest cheers and audience participation were the ones that EVERYONE knew, Like a Prayer, Vogue, Celebration, and Express Yourself, all of which had us all jumping up and down.
I guess the problem is, with such a huge back catalogue and only a couple of hours of performance time, how do you choose which songs to do? Like a lot of people, I'd love to see Madonna do a Greatest Hits tour. All the old songs, the old fashioned way, but we all know she has told of her boredom of performing some songs.

Reading back, it sounds like I am coming across as really negative about the show, but this is not the case entirely. I was a little disappointed with the set list and some of the arrangements, but none of this distracts from the experience of seeing the queen do what she does best. She was also much more interactive with the crowd than I've seen her previously. As for Madonna's performance? Well, she proved that she is still the reigning queen. She put on an outstanding performance which leaves many other current performers in the shade. There have been comments about the sound not being very loud, in the gold circle it was plenty loud enough. However, next time I see her will be in an arena, I'm not keen on this open park venue.

Istanbul 6/07/2012 by @Tanil3

posted Jul 21, 2012, 2:58 PM by Chris V

The MDNA tour in Istanbul was one of the most inspirational nights of my life. I feel like it changed the way I observe and create art. The show leaves you in deep Emotions which are changing in each section and end up in brightness. The contrast of the show is amazing. The opening makes your body secrete tons of adrenalin LOL .I also love the costumes (cone bra is amazing) but I don’t think she should cover her arms at the last song with the adidas socks she already shows her arms during like a virgin.

 I also thought the stage was amazing the platforms were a clever idea which made the show so interesting at some point the platforms became a train, a seat, and so on however the stage is also disappointing as outside the triangle (golden circle). The audience had a hard time watching her when she was on the main stage from all the golden triangle fans jumping. My friend had to watch the screen 70% of the time. I also think there was one song missing from the set list. She didn’t perform any songs from her first album. Everybody, into the groove or borderline one of them should have made it to the set list. Overall the show was the best night of my life. The moment she flashed her nipple 50,000 people went crazy. I will never forget that moment.

My experience!!! by @SNOOZZAN_MDNA

posted Jul 21, 2012, 2:56 PM by Chris V

Madonna – Sweden, Gothenburg 2012-07-04

Ullevi Stadium

During the car drive down to Gothenburg I found out that I and one of my friends could go into the pit! I got crazy happy! I think it was a mix of good luck, and a special Adi Bar with the Facebook-group for tattooed Madonna-fans who helped me in. I got calm in a strange way, months of stress about this f-ing pit finally was now solved, I was in!

 After a six hour drive from Stockholm to Gothenburg we checked in to our hotel and went “Madonna-hunting”. Lucky for us Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary had put a photo on his Twitter with a view from his hotel room. My friends who have spent some time in Gothenburg before knew witch hotel it was. It was all just little bit strange because when we came to the hotel there was no fans, no security, no press, nothing, just us. I felt very obvious with my Madonna Confession Tour t-shirt. However, we stood outside the hotel for a little while and ended up at a Pizza Hut further down the street where we could see what was going on outside the hotel. After a bit of the first slice of pizza had been eaten we saw that there were some movements outside. There was a group of people leaving the hotel and I wanted to find out if it was Madonna. I left the restaurant and went the other way to make sure I was going to cross their way. Just when I turned the corner I saw that it was Guy Oseary! When we started to come close they looked at me because they probably saw my t-shirt. He smiled at me and I asked him if I could take a picture. He was very friendly! Madonna’s hairdresser took a picture of us. In their company it was also Madonna’s make-up artist and a woman I don’t know. When I told Guy I was in the pit for the concert he said “Oh you´re a big fan!” I showed him my tattoo and he took a picture of it. Then we wished each other a nice evening and they walked on to having dinner.

When we later left Pizza Hut we met some of Madonna’s dancers, Adrien Galo was one of them. That was a great moment, he waved to me during the soundcheck the day after.

Later we went back to the hotel, we got this feeling that Madonna wasn´t in Sweden (something that was correct). At the hotel we started fixing our flag, we got some inspiration from my twitter-friends. We wanted an adjective for Madonna beginning with a N. We had been planning writing “naughty”, but we were little bit worried that it would be taken the wrong way. So we ended up with “Natural”. Majestic, Dedicated, Natural, Amazing. My friend did a really good job with the writing!

I woke up 06.30 am. Had my breakfast and then we left for Ullevi-stadium. In the beginning it was little bit difficult to understand how the queuing was going to work. Because we had early entry-tickets and it says that we were going to register there, so first we thought that we were going to queue there outside the box-office. Luckily I´m a control-freak so I asked the security and they told us to go the queue on the other side of the stadium to get a number. We came there and me and my friend got EE4 and EE5, our other friend had GC24. It was really well organized by both Live Nation security and the fans. Everybody got number and had to write their names on a list. After that you could go witch my two friends did, I stayed there.

There were many reporters taking with us fans, and we got in to one of the biggest evenings paper in Gothenburg. My tattoo ended up in the paper, and I still haven’t showed it to my mother…  hahahah! I also had a radio reporter following me before and after the concert. It was fun because it made the day go faster.

We were told by the head of security later that all of us in early entry would get Golden Triangle-wristband. Everybody got happy! Now my challenge was to get my friend in Golden circle a wristband as my guest, I had one spot left because of the invitation earlier. We were like 12-15 people sitting there the whole day, among there were fans from Puerto Rico (Willie Wanker) and Mexico! Really fun! Total who bought Early entry was only like 50 people, and some of those tickets was still on sale at the black market. Unfortunately the tickets for Madonna’s concert didn´t sell well in Sweden. Last time with SS she sold out Ullevi twice, that’s like 110 000 people. This year they said it was like 40 000 people there and there was a lot of tickets that was given away in challenges, and the prices on the black market was more than half price! I really don’t understand this, and it’s very embarrassing. One problem is that the concert was in Gothenburg, it must be in Stockholm if there will be a next time. And I hope the record company or whoever sends reporters to the premieres don’t give Swedish reporters access. They write so much shit about Madonna, and people are listening to that. Also there was a problem with the album. The people who are not hardcore, they didn’t even know about the new record. There was almost no advertising in Sweden, and they didn’t play the new songs on the radio.

Before we could go in, the now famous Ipad-girl did her magic for some fans. I was so happy I didn’t have to go through with something like that, it’s a really terrible idea!!! Anyway, around five oclock we were let inside the arena. Everything went so smoothly, nu pushing, everybody just walked in the numbered line in to the arena, and in to the triangle. When we walked in to the arena Madonna were performing Celebration and just when I came to the triangle she walked over the bridge, it was surreal. As number four in to the arena I got a fantastic spot in the middle in front of the stage. We hung our flag at the fence. Madonna’s security (birthday boy) came up and said that it was not allowed and made me promise not to throw it up on stage. Of course!

Madonna performed I don’t give a f. When she walked back from the catwalk I couldn’t believe it! It has been a dream of mine to see her perform during a soundcheck. It’s so personal and you get a moment with her that is unique, she speaks free from her heart with the fans. After the first song she asked if we wanted one more song and asked which one she should sing. I wanted to say Dress you up hahahah, but I knew she wanted to sing one of the new songs. Most said Love spent, but she didn’t want to do that one. I said Turn up the radio, and she looked down at me and said Turn up the radio and started. I got a bit emotional and she looked at me and smiled. You can see it very clearly at the videos on You tube.

After Turn up the radio she starts talking with us fans. Me and my friend starts waving with the flag, and she asked us if we were Americans. When I said no it’s for you she said yes it’s the fourth of July. After that she started to read every word of our flag and ended with “Nice, keep on to that, maybe I ´ll do something with it later”. I got into a chock after that, it was the best moment for me ever (if you don’t count my magic kids-moments). I could not believe it, she had seen me, and she spoke to me. Everybody was so sweet after, they hugged me, congratulated me with this moment. Madonna has the best fans! She talked more with the fans, but everything was a blur for me. This clip can be found at you tube.

The soundcheck ended with that Emelie started to sing a happy birthday song for Madonna’s head of security. They all danced for him and then Madonna threw cake in his face. This was amazing to part of this private moment. We talked later with the birthday-boy who was very friendly.

Guy Oseary came in to the triangle later and took photos, I ended up in two of his photos. I was very happy about this. He was superfriendly towards me and the rest of the fans in the triangle. Victor from Finland, with all the amazing tattoos was there, Guy know him by name, it’s quite cool!

There was a problem in the triangle because you were not allowed to drink or eat anything! After been sitting outside the arena the whole day it was not so good news. The weather was really god, we were lucky that we were in the shadow. The fans in the triangle were really nice though, so you could leave your spot for eating, drinking and toilet.

Martin Solveig performed but I don’t really understand why his podium was so close to the edge of the stage, we in the front couldn’t see anything of him. It was hard getting the feeling looking in to a black screen writing Martin Solveig. For me it was not the best experience honestly.

Madonna started 22.20. The evening was perfect, a full moon just in front of the stage. Girl gone wild is unbelievable, the dancers OMG!!! That number is my favorite of the whole show! You know what songs she plays, and there is not so much difference from what I had seen earlier on You Tube. She show went perfect, Madonna is so professional and talented that it’s unreal. The audience close to the stage and in the triangle were perfect, partying, dancing, singing, jumping, but the others, my god… what the f***, its Madonna on stage show some respect!!!

I had an amazing time, I will live on this for a long time. The high moment was of course the soundcheck. It gave me a feeling I just want more of these moments. I have to be honest though. I really don’t like this stage. There is too much that you miss during the show. If you only see one show (luckily not in my case) and are in the pit you miss one of the highlights, Like a virgin. It is not good, and I don’t think this is a stage built for the fans. I preferred the one at Sticky and sweet. Even if I was lucky to be in the triangle it is so much anxiety for a lot of fans, everybody is stressing of how getting in to the pit! That is not good in my opinion. Think about all those people in USA who has paid a fortune to be VIP in the front row. A pit is not that good for them, they will miss a lot of the show! Also I don’t like this with the iPad thing. They should not sell Early Entry-tickets if there is a pit. When you buy EE tickets you do that to be in the front. They should have had only golden circle, and had a competition at Icon and the rest of the spots in the triangle should go to the people who queued the longest. As I said, I was lucky and I hope to be that again, but I can still be objective. I really hope there will be no pit next tour.

So there is my story, I’m so thankful of being a part of the Madonna-family!!!


Tel Aviv 5/31/12

posted Jul 21, 2012, 2:54 PM by Chris V


Mind blowing Dynamic Nerve racking Astonishing 
I am of course speaking of the magnificence that is the MDNA world tour- starring the world's most spectacular performing artist- LUV MADONNA!!!!!!
I was lucky enough to experience the opening night of Madonna's sensational new tour in Tel Aviv and believe me the money, blood, sweat and tears was certainly worth it!
My first initial thought after the show (after teaching myself to breathe again) was OMG Dita is back! Madonna is on top form and definitely at the best she has been for years! Madonna looked very happy, very youthful and stunning beautiful-high on MDNA.
Is it due to her new toyboy (Brahim)? Who knows but whoever, whatever it is, it has done Madonna the world of good! Madonna's voice sounded beautiful and excelled with every song and the dancing was flawless! I just still cannot get over how unbelievably stunning Madonna looked and she was super toned from head to toe! It was an extremely long, sweltering tiring day and night, but so worth it to secure my place at the front. I stood to the right hand side of the cat walk towards the end, and for certain songs it was the perfect spot.
The opening of the show made the hairs on my arms stand up- very haunting and chilling and then it exploded once Madonna appeared! The first part of the show was very dark, but utterly electrifying! The show became lighter as it went along whilst remaining highly entertaining, incredibly provocative and emotional.
I found myself becoming very overwhelmed during Like a Virgin which utterly moved me. The way in which Madonna performed it was so emotional and very insightful, a vulnerable Madonna, one we rarely ever get to see. However, I will not give anything more away as you all need to experience the element of surprise for yourself.
Its so hard to remember every detail and distinguish between what was reality and fantasy, as the show went so fast and its impossible to see and remember every moment. However, I was so overjoyed by the end and could not have been happier! I was absolutely buzzing and me and my friends all agreed it was breathtaking and her best tour for years! My friends have attended every show since Who's That Girl and even they assured me it was by far one of Madonna's best concerts to date.
The costumes were sensational and it really reminded me of the legend that is the Blond Ambition Tour- a true vision of perfection from start to finish. Incredible dance routines, amazing choreography, stunning costumes,beautiful singing, unbelievable tunes and one stomping party!!! The MDNA tour is a journey I will cherish and I cannot wait to see it again!
Enjoy Madonna Family! xxxx

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