The Spirit of the Celtic Guitar

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Anthony is also a prizewinning photographer who captures the magic and mystery of the Welsh landscape with deceptive ease.  For his recent work illustrating The Mabinogi and other early Welsh classics, click here.


Ysbryd ('Spirit') is a collection of twenty-two Welsh, Irish, Breton, and Cornish traditional tunes, plus ten original compositions.  Anthony Griffiths, who was raised and lives in Aberystwyth, has developed a playing style that is solidly grounded in Celtic and British acoustic guitar styles, but that is also very personal. He is sensitive to the nuances and emotional depths of traditional Celtic music, and he brings a pensive quality and a light touch to these melodies, making them evocative, fresh, and familiar all at once. If you are far from your Celtic homeland, they will ease your hiraeth.

Anthony Griffiths -- Guitar
(Tracks 1-28)
Chris Knowles -- Celtic Harp (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 13, 15, 20, 26)
Marjorie Griffiths -- Accordion (7, 23)
Gordon Ross -- Transverse Flute (4)
Tony Hodgson -- Clarke Whistle (17)

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1. Truth From Above (Folk Carol) / Blodau'r Drain (Welsh)
2. The Dutch Girl (Cornish)
3. Bugeilio's Gwenith Gwyn (Welsh)
4. Down by the Sally Gardens (Irish)
5. Dinas Emrys (Griffiths)
6. Tra Bo Dau (Welsh)
7. Llydaw (Breton) / An Dro (Breton)
8. Seashells (Griffiths)
9. Sheepdog Blues (Griffiths)
10. Donal O'Brien (Irish - O'Carolan)
11. Marwnad yr Ehedydd (Welsh)
12. Ar Lan y Mor (Welsh)
13. Hungan (Cornish) / Y Gaseg Eira (Welsh)
14. Bwlch Llanberis (Welsh) / Skipping Over Suilven (Griffiths)
15. Conset Arglwyddes Treffael (Welsh)
16. Pheilim's Boat (Irish)
17. The Enchanted Way (Griffiths)
18. Ynys Enlli (Griffiths)
19. Y Deryn Pur (Welsh)
20. Ysbryd (Griffiths)
21. Cader Idris Shuffle (Griffiths)
22. Summer Isles (Griffiths)
23. Eleanor Plunkett (Irish - O'Carolan)
24. Irish Hymn
25. Tal-y-Llyn Waltz (Griffiths)
26. Ffarwel i Aberystwyth (Welsh)
27. Si Beag, Si Mor (Irish - O'Carolan)
28. Welsh Anthem