Ginger H. Edwards

Speculative Writer

about Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction is unlimited possibilities with infinite imagination. It is more than SF, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, myth or fairy tale. It deals with dreams, nightmares, wishes, desires, other dimensions, goodness, evil and the unthinkable as well as the unthought-of. It is tomorrow, yesterday and today with a twist, a beam of light poking holes into the vast unknown revealing a glimpse at what might be. It is a map to the heart's darkest depths and the soul's highest realms. 

Speculative fiction is where anything can and will happen. It bursts the boundaries of reality, splintering traditions and fixed ideas. It can be light-hearted, promising, inspiring, strange, weird, dark or disturbing. Whatever it is, it is a survival test of sorts, to venture into the unknown and beyond. In the end, you, dear reader, must form your own conclusions.

As you participate with perhaps a shiver shared, a memory returned, a hope found, a fear forgotten, a tug at your heart, an unusual perspective or a different dimension, you may learn who you are deep down where no one can see. So, do not protest too much as we weave in and out of the web of speculation. Look closely at the characters. You may be gazing through the mirror at me...or is that you?
--G E

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Stories about the other side of the mirror, a strange refrigerator, devils, mass murders, a washer, a dryer, a garbage disposal and an exercise machine. There's a story about a werewolf, hair, lint, spouses who get even and more.


Ginger is working on the Dragon's Mark trilogy about dragons and wizards. The first book, The DARKNESS COMES, is complete, and she is working on the second book, FYREGON. The third, FOO WIZARD, is in outline.

Even though mythical creatures, wizards and magik abound in these novels, they are not fairy tales for children as they contain evil as well as goodness. Excerpts from The DARKNESS COMES

An ongoing project is Ginger's:

Resources 4 Writers.



The words in this short fantasy book were the beginnings of my speculative writings.The prolog describes, explains and expands on the theories of dragons. The Dialogues are bits and pieces of dragon mind speak like pearls. When completed, the dialogues become a story like pearls become a necklace.

VAMPIRES Four Stories

In DARK RHAPSODY, Philippe de Montpellier, a much sought after violin master and teacher is also a vampire. He turns his young prized student, Felicia, consumed with music as much as he, into a vampire. She breaks his heart.

Philippe helps Lilith, the beautiful vampire who turned him, locate the grave of her vampire lover, Frederick, to reunite his 300 year old decapitated head to his body and bring him back to the undead and to her in THE PLACE.

After his third try of ATTEMPTED SUICIDE, Philippe once again fails. Disillusioned and heartsick, the loss of Felicia drained his will to exist and he is lost in misery and loneliness. 

Sheila is a good nurse and a psychic vampire. She cares dearly for her patients and others while siphoning off their energy and adding it to her own in LIFE FORCE.

There is a list of Dracula movies, other GREAT SHORT BOOKS and images.

In GO HOME, the aliens are already here in this delightful story. 

MY DOG SPOT is a mangy, scruffy, mutt but is more than he seems.

In thought provoking RELIC, aliens come from a distant world. What do you think they look like?

The COUNTRY STAR makes it big until he gets homesick.


This Illustrated Tooth Fairy Stories For Girls & Boys is a magical, fantasy book with three stories, a poem and a fun quiz. Over 50 images make a colorful and delightful experience for kids and a whimsical and amusing way to encourage the need for dental hygiene.