About Ovarian Cancer Canada

Ovarian Cancer Canada is the country’s only national charity dedicated to overcoming the most fatal women’s cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Canada provides leadership by:

.  Supporting women living with the disease and their families

.  Raising awareness among the general public and health care professionals

.  Funding research to develop early detection techniques, improved treatments and  ultimately a cure.

Every day five Canadian women die from ovarian cancer.

There is no reliable screening test for this disease. No vaccine to prevent it.

…But there is hope.


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February 8, 2017

Five minutes can help change lives

Donna Pepin

Having received an initial diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2006, Donna Pepin is currently facing recurrence. But she refuses to let her diagnosis get in the way of her making a difference as an advocate for the cause.

“It’s empowering to take action in the face of this disease,” says Donna. “As a cancer patient it can feel like the cancer is in control, but by advocating I am taking back some of that power. For me, speaking out has been cathartic, it's a huge part of my ongoing healing process.”

Survival rates for ovarian cancer have not significantly improved in 50 years. This reality is unacceptable and unjust.

To incite changes that will lead to women with ovarian cancer living better and longer, Canadians are calling on government to support an immediate additional investment of $10 million in research funding and better access to treatments.

Your help – everyone’s help – is urgently needed.

“As someone who has survived the disease, I feel like I have an obligation to women everywhere because we deserve better,” says Donna. “Women are powerful, especially when we are working together. It’s time for Canadian women to stand and be counted – government needs to step up and do a better job in approving new drugs for ovarian cancer patients, and government needs to increase funding for medical research.”

More research will help advance progress in disease prevention and development of effective treatments, where current options are limited.

“Today, Canadian women who may benefit from new approved treatments cannot access them due to pending decisions on drug funding,” says Kelly Grover, Vice-President, National Programs and Partners, at Ovarian Cancer Canada. “There simply isn’t the time to wait. We need to press our elected representatives to do better.”

Kelly Grover and volunteer Barb Fleming on Parliament Hill

It’s about time for all concerned Canadians to speak out – loudly and en masse – to ensure all our voices are heard and to spur government action against ovarian cancer.

How to get involved

All it takes is five minutes to raise your concerns with your local elected representatives. Go to the Advocate page of ovariancanada.org to have your voice heard.