Wood Shamballa Bracelets

$10.00 each
Description: Our adjustable wood shamballa bracelets are handmade with strong satin cord and small wood beads.  They're available in your choice of 3 different wood bead colors and 16 different satin cord colors.  The soft cord won't cause itching and the pea-sized wood beads are varnished to make them water resistant.  To adjust the size, slip the bracelet onto your wrist and pull the string ends until it fits snug.  Be sure there's at least a finger's width of space between the bracelet and your wrist for proper circulation.  Your bracelet will arrive in a satin gift bag with an estimated shipping time of 2 business days from the date you place your order.  To clean, this bracelet can be soaked in warm water for 5 minutes, then left to air dry.  This bracelet isn't recommended for children younger than 7-years-old.

Your Bead Color Choices:
Colors listed from left to right: Tan, Black, White

Your Satin Cord Color Choices:
Colors listed from top-left:
Black, White, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Grass Green, Red, Olive Green
Silver, Sky Blue, Tan, Orange, Gold, Lime Green, Sea Foam Green, Light Blue

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To chose your satin cord color, type your preference into the black box that's labeled ''Satin Cord Color'' on the order form below.
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