Washer Necklaces

$11.00 each

Description: Our washer necklaces are made using ordinary 2-inch diameter plumbing washers that have been enhanced with decoupaged images to create an interesting and unique piece of jewelry.  Each necklace has a smooth glazed coating to make them waterproof and to give them a ''raised'' 3-dimensional feel on both sides of the piece.  Your choice of 10 different color patterns will hang from an 18 inch (45.72 cm) satin cord with stainless steel clasps.  Stainless steel doesn't rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green over time for long-lasting quality.  Your necklace will arrive in a satin gift bag with an estimated shipping time of 3 business days from the date you place your order.  To clean, you can wipe these necklaces with a dry washcloth.  The satin cord portion of the necklace can be soaked in warm water for 5 minutes to remove debris, then left to air dry.   NOTE:  All washers used in these necklaces were brand new from the package and were never part of a plumbing project.

Your Washer Design Choices:
The white circle in the middle of each image displays where the center hole will be for the necklace.
Each necklace will display your selected image on both sides of the washer.
*all image are from public domain clip art*
Colors are listed from top-left:
Blue Pop Art (A), Desert Mist (B), Dragon Scales (C), Wild Flame (D), Camouflage (E),
Green Alien Skulls (F), Rainbow Splotches (G), Purple Haze (H), Water Splash (I), Striped Tubes (J)

Your Satin Cord Color Choices:
Colors listed from left to right:
black, white, dark blue, purple, pink, dark green, red

To choose your washer pattern and cord color, select your preferences from the drop-down menus on the order form below.
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