Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Earrings

$9.00 per pair

Description: Authentic Swarovski crystals are renowned for their brilliant shimmer and diamond-like cut.  These earrings are handmade using the color scheme of the 12 traditional birthstones and are embellished with your choice of earring backs. Each birthstone crystal is approximately the size of a pea, making each earring 1 inch long (2.54 cm).  They look great with casual wear, business attire, or at formal functions. This is a very simple, lightweight earring that adds just the right amount of "pop" to any jewelry collection.  They'll arrive in a decorative gift box, mounted on an earring card, with two rubber earring stoppers to prevent them from falling off your ears.  Estimated time of shipment is 1 business day from the date you place your order.  To clean these earrings, you can wipe them with a soft washcloth to remove sweat and debris.  Our earring backs are made using stainless steel findings that don't rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green over time for long-lasting quality.

Your Earring Back Style Choices:

Swarovski Crystal Color Choices:
Colors listed from top left:
January (garnet - dark red)
February (amethyst - dark purple)
March (aquamarine - light blue)
April (diamond - crystal clear)
May (emerald - dark green)
June (Alexandrite/moonstone/pearl - pale purple)
July (ruby - red)
August (peridot - lime green)
September (sapphire - dark blue)
October (rose quartz/tourmaline - pink)
November (citrine/golden topaz - orange)
December (turquoise - blue/green)

To choose your earring back, select your preference from the drop-down menu on the order form below.
To choose your crystal birthstone color, type the name of the month designated for each crystal into the blank box on the order form that's labeled "Crystal Birthstone Color".
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