Sparkle Seed Bead Bracelets

$13.00 each

sample bracelet with sparkling yellow seed beads and a gold-plated clasp

Description: These shimmering, sparkle bracelets have just the right amount of ''bling'' and are fun to wear for any occasion. They're available in ? different color choices and are fully adjustable from a size 6.5 wrist to a size 9 (16.51 - 22.86 cm) with the attached extension chain. Each bracelet is a thin 1/2 inch wide (1.27 cm) and is stitched by hand with FireLine thread and small 11/0 seed beads without using a loom.  The ''no loom'' process takes a little longer to create bracelet, but the result is a stronger stitch.
Packaging: This bracelet will be packaged in a satin gift bag.

Time To Complete Before Delivery: 3 Days

Care Instructions:
To clean this bracelet, simply wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Your Clasp Color Choices:

Your Sparkle Seed Bead Color Choices:
Colors listed from top left to right:
sparkling clear, sparkling orange, sparkling red, sparkling pink, sparkling dark blue
sparkling purple, sparkling turquoise, sparkling yellow, sparkling dark green, sparkling light blue
sparkling smokey black, sparkling silver

To choose your clasp color, simply select your preference from the drop-down menu on the order form below.
To choose your seed bead color, type the name of the color you prefer into the black box on the order form that's labeled ''seed bead colors''. (limit 1 color per bracelet)
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