Native American Seed Bead Earrings

$14.00 per pair
Description: Inspired by the intricate patterns of Native American bead weaving, these earrings are made using glass seed beads, FireLine thread, and stainless steel earring backs. Each pair is stitched with a triangle-shaped base and 13 dangle fringes. At 2 & 1/2 inches long (6.34 cm) from the top of the triangle to the bottom of the longest fringe, they're just the right size for daily wear and made tough to withstand dance rituals or simple windy days.  You can choice between 27 different colors and 3 different earring backs to personalize a design that suits your style. They'll arrive in a reusable gift box, on an earring card, with two rubber earring stoppers to prevent them from falling off your ears.  Estimated shipping time is 3 business days from the date you place your order.  To clean these earrings, you can wipe any part of them down with a soft wash cloth.

Your Earring Back Choices:

Your Seed Bead Color Choices:
You can choose up to 4 different colors for your earrings, as shown in the display photo at the top of this page.
The first color you list on the order form will be the main color of the pair and the other colors will be used as the accents.
You can choose your color options from any of the two lists below to mix and match your favorite combination.
You can copy-and-paste your color choices into the order form below.

Solid Colors:
Colors are listed from top-left:
black, white, red, turquoise, yellow
orange, pink, purple, dark green, lime green
pumpkin, light blue, bark brown, mouse grey, dark blue

Sparkle Colors:
Colors are listed from top-left:
pearl luster white, sparkling orange, sparkling red, sparkling pink, sparkling dark blue
sparkling purple, sparkling turquoise, sparkling yellow, sparkling dark green, sparkling light blue
sparkling smokey black, sparkling crystal clear

To select your earring back, choose your preference from the drop-down menu on the order form below.
To select your bead colors, type your preferences into the blank box on the order form labeled "Seed Bead Colors''.
For important shipping information, please read the About page.  Shipping is billed at the time of checkout.
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