Kumihimo Satin Cord Bracelets

$10.00 each

Sample photo of our Kumihimo bracelets

Detail photo

Description: Kumihimo is the Japanese word for ''braided'' and these bracelets are a fine example of twisted braid art.  Each bracelet is woven into shape by hand using thin satin cord, then it's clasped together with your choice of metal end caps.  They are designed to fit a wrist size 6 & 1/2 inches to a size 10 (16.51 cm - 25.40cm) with the attached extension chain.  We've made these bracelets available to you in a single color option and in a double color combination, so you can create a customized look that's great for any occasion.

Packaging: This item will be packaged in a satin gift bag.

Time To Complete Before Delivery: 2 Days - We allow 48-hours for the jewelers glue on the end caps to completely dry before shipping.

Care Instructions:
To clean these bracelets, simply wipe the metal findings with a soft, dry cloth.  The satin cord portion of the bracelet can be soaked in warm water for 10 minutes, if needed, then left to air dry.  Do not put this bracelet in a washing machine to clean.

Your End Cap Color Choices:

silver-plated or gold-plated

Your Satin Cord Color Choices: (You may choose up to 2 colors per bracelet.)
Colors listed from top left:
black, white, dark blue, purple, pink, dark green, red, olive green
silver, turquoise, tan, orange, gold, lime green, sea foam green, light blue

To choose your end cap color, simply select your preference from the drop-down menu on the order form below.
To choose your satin cord color, type the name of the color you prefer into the blank box that's labeled ''satin cord colors''.  (limit 2 colors per bracelet)
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