Glass Dome Necklaces

$12.00 each

sample photo of the ''flame skull'' design pattern on black satin cord with silver-plated clasp

Description: A fun gift for anyone in the family, these glass dome necklaces can be printed with artwork, photos, your favorite character's image, or a majestic outdoor scene.  Each dome necklace hangs from an 18 inch satin cord (45.72 cm) in your choice of 7 different colors.  The dome is made from tempered glass that has long-lasting strength and durability.  Each image is printed on high quality paper with acid-free ink to limit fading over time.  We can accept requests for images to be placed on the domes as long as the photo doesn't contain graphic depictions of nudity, violence, abuse, or gore.  Each glass dome measures just over 1 inch wide (2.54 cm) and has a wire-wrapped, handmade bail with a decorative wire-wrapped spiral backing.  A textured bubble coating has also been added to the back side of the necklace to protect the image and the wire wrapping.  To receive a custom made dome necklace, please follow the instructions just above the order form.

Packaging: This necklace will be packaged in a satin gift bag.

Time To Complete Before Delivery: 2 Days - We allow 48 hours for the jewelers glue and finishing glaze to completely dry before shipping.

Care Instructions:
To clean these necklaces, simply wipe them with a soft, dry cloth.

Your Necklace Clasp Color Choices:

Your Satin Cord Color Choices:

Colors listed from left to right:
Black, White, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Dark Green, Red

Dome Image Designs:
These are pre-made designs that you can choose to have as your image on your necklaces.  To order custom images, see the instructions below.
Images listed from left to right:
butterfly, flame skull, dragon eye, leopard, kitten
, puppy face, mountain scene, full moon

Custom Design Instruction:
(Ideas for customized dome necklace images: pets, family members, zodiac signs, video game characters, movie characters, cartoon/anime characters, artwork, nature scenes, favorite animals, printed patterns, and more.)
  • To order a custom-designed glass dome necklace, choose your satin cord color and your clasp color on the order form, then type ''custom'' into the blank box on that's labeled ''image design''. 
  • After you've paid for your necklace, e-mail us the image you would like to have placed inside the dome.  Remember our guidelines for what we will not accept.  The e-mail you send to us must contain your name, your address, and the image you'd like us to use in .png format, embedded into the e-mail.  Please send only 1 image.
  • Please DO NOT SEND LINKS OR ATTACHMENTS.  We will not open these for safety reasons.  Your image must be embedded in the e-mail.  If we have issues seeing the image, we will contact you.
  • We will shrink your image to the desired size for our dome, then forward the new image to you for approval before we create the necklace.  It's recommended that you choose a picture that has its subject as close to the center as possible.  It's also recommended that your image be as "clean" as possible. In other words, the fewer additional objects you have surrounding the image, the better your dome will look. (See the sample designs above for an idea of how your picture should be arranged.)
  • Send your information and image to : .  Remember, we need your name and address in the e-mail, too, so we can match your payment with your necklace image.  Thank you.

To choose your cord and clasp colors, simply select your preferences from the drop-down menus on the order form below.
To order a pre-made design from the listed options, type the name of the picture you'd like us to use in the blank box that's labeled ''image design''. (limit 1 image per dome necklace)
To request a custom designed necklaces, see the instructions above. (limit 1 image per dome necklace)
For important shipping information, please read our About page.  Shipping is billed at the time of checkout.  Thank you for your order.   We appreciate your business.