Catnip Cube Cat Toys

$10.00 per set of 6

Description: These great little toys are stitched together by hand using acrylic yarn, then filled with organic catnip. The plastic canvas base mimics bone when your kitty crunches on the cube, creating a fun crackling noise they'll love.  The stitch pattern holds up well against tough claws and teeth, and the catnip scent inside will last up to 3 weeks for lots of playtime.  For people and pets with catnip allergies, there's an option where you can have a bell placed inside the cube, rather than catnip.  (See the order form below for this selection.)

Each cube is 1 & 1/2 inches wide on all 6 sides (3.81 cm) with 5 different color patterns for you to choose.  Your set of 6 Catnip Cubes will be packaged in a resealable plastic bag that can be used for storage.  I recommend refrigerating unused Catnip Cubes to keep them fresh.  To clean them, you can wipe the surface of the Cubes with warm water and a soft cloth, then allow them to air dry.  I do not recommend using a washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher to clean these toys.  The plastic base can melt from the heat.  Estimated completion time for this custom-made item is 1 to 3 days from the date of your order, so they will be fresh when they're shipped to you.

Your Filling Choices: catnip or bell

Your Color Pattern Choices:

Boy Cat Color Set

Girl Cat Color Set

Mixed Color Set

Dice Pattern Set
(This image shows the front and back of each Cube.  The additional dice dots will be completed on the side details.)

Video Game Theme Set
(This image shows the front and back of each Cube.  There will be additional detailing on the sides.)
Included in this set are:
1 Mario Bros. Question Block, 1 Pac-man with Ghost, 1 Mortal Kombat Dragon Logo, 1 Zelda Triforce, 1 Minecraft Creeper Face, 1 Pokémon Classic Pokéball

To choose your filling and pattern design, please select your preferences from the drop-down menus on the order form below.
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Thank you for your order.   I appreciate your business.
This is the original Catnip Cube Cat Toy created by RC Quality Designs that was featured on "Video Game Awesome" on YouTube.  Thank you, Fraser Agar and crew!