Animal Print Earrings

$9.00 per pair
Description: If you're an animal lover, you'll adore these wilderness-themed acrylic earrings.  This pair of light-weight, durable, flat disks features a high-quality animal pelt print that resembles real fur.  They're 1 & 1/2 inches long (3.81 cm) and hang on your choice of 3 stainless steel earring backs.  Stainless steel doesn't rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green over time for long-lasting quality.  There are 3 different pelt designs you can choose to dress up a fun outfit.  The earrings will be packaged in a reusable gift box, on an earring card, with 2 rubber earring stoppers to prevent them from falling off your ears.  Estimated shipping time is 1 business day from the date you place your order.

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The print on all 3 of these earring appears on both sides of the acrylic disk.




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