Adjustable Wire Wrapped Rings

$9.00 each

Description: This fun and fashionable handmade ring featured two glass beads twisted onto a wrapped "vine".  Each bead on this ring is approximately the size of a pea (6mm) and all metal components are stainless steel, so anyone can wear them. Stainless steel doesn't rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green over time for long-lasting quality. Available in 3 sizes choices and 19 different bead colors, this ring can be customized to fit your personality.  To adjust the ring, simply slip it onto your finger or toe, then pinch each beaded downward until it fits snug.  This ring will be packaged in a reusable gift box.  To clean, you can wipe the ring down with a damp microfiber washcloth and allow to air dry.  Estimated completion time for this item is 1 business day from the date you place your order.

Your Ring Size Choices: To select your ring size, choose the option on the order form below that's closest to what you would normally wear.
  1. Small (for toe rings, pinky rings, and thin finger rings) - fits sizes 3 to 5
  2. Medium (standard size finger rings) - fits sizes 6 - 8
  3. Large (for standard size finger rings and thumb rings) - fits sizes 9 - 11

Your Bead Color Choices: There are two beads on this ring. You can choose to have them mounted in identical colors or as two different colors.
Colors are listed staring from the top left:
pearl luster white, pearl luster light pink, crackled glass blue, black glass
pearl luster ivory, pearl luster light blue, crackled glass purple, red glass
pearl luster champagne, pearl luster lime green, crackled glass honey, turquoise striped glass
pearl luster coral pink, pearl luster lilac, clear crackled glass, white glass
pearl luster dark purple, pearl luster silver, crackled glass pink

To choose your ring size, select the options you prefer from the drop-down menu on the order form below.
To choose your bead color, type the name of the color you prefer into the blank box that's labeled ''bead color''.  You can also copy-and-paste your color choices into the box, if desired.
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