1993 Subaru Loyale 5spd* For Sale

We're finally selling our beloved 1993 Loyale Wagon in fair mechanical condition, $500.
VIN: JF2AN52B5PD408967
NYS Inspection good until April 2012

Everyday things that are totally fine, and make this car an excellent value:
Car has 250,000 miles on it.  That's a feature, not a bug.  This engine will last you well past 300k.
It generally gets 25-30 miles to the gallon.
Timing belts were done about 40k miles ago.
Front bearings and transaxles and rotors are about 10k old.
Radiator was replaced in January.
Muffler and outpipe were replaced 20k miles ago.
4WD pushbutton on the shifter works perfectly.  This feature has proven to be invaluable.
*Manual transmission.  
Color is Taupe.  

Here are the things that need attention:
Right front signal light cover is busted.  We hit a moose.  It also left a cosmetic dent in the hood.  But - amazingly - that's the only damage!
Rear tires rotated to front (and balanced).
Front tires won't pass inspection, unless you're at an autocross.  If you're at an autocross, this is NOT the car for you.

Here's what doesn't need attention, but you might want to think about it:
LR bearing hasn't been addressed, but the RR has.  However, a Subaru tech gave all the suspension a and drivetrain a clean bill of health about 3000 miles ago.  
Front Windscreen has scratches from an ad hoc icescraper (a glass milk bottle: bad idea)
There's a noise from the drivetrain, mostly from the front.  I thought it might be a bearing. Subaru Tech said it was definitively not a bearing, nor anything to worry about unless it got really bad. 
Same tech said that the RF tie-rod end(s?) need attention soon.  He cleared us for a several-thousand mile trip, but felt compelled to mention this. 
Some of the coolant hoses have been replaced.  But not all.  
Color is Taupe

Here's what doesn't need attention, and if you think it's a problem then this is not the car for you:
Title will note that the car has been totaled [see below].  In some states this is no problem.  
LR window switch on driver's console doesn't work.  You must execute a 'reach-around'
Clock is on the blink
Auto-door locks don't work.  You must lock or unlock each door individually
Rear wiper lock screw needs to be tightened.
Rear hatch doesn't stay open on its own, but we find a pole works just fine to keep the door up.
RF door always reads as 'OPEN' on the dash display.
Car was hit on R side, square in the door post.  Both front and rear door crunched a little towards the rocker:
"Check Engine" light is always on because of a bad EGR valve, but we've never had a problem passing an emissions test.
Strangers will complement you on your car, even right after hitting a moose.  Nothing can be done to change this, so consider it a feature.
Color is Taupe

Red is good in this case.  I know, it's confusing to me, too.

Note the dent in the hood and the broken signal lens from the stupid moose.

Note the crunched rockers from the stupid lady who couldn't see a whole car right infront of her.

Note the custom-fitted hatch rod.  "They say he carved it from a bigger rod"
And the cargo cover.  Tour in style, friends.

Asking price includes everything you see here.  No assembly required!  Battery included!!

But wait, there's more!...  

Act now and we'll even throw in a slick set of 4 after-market floormats and a designer cup-holder
at no extra cost to you!!  
That's a $41 value for free!!!!