The Louisiana Civil Code

Preliminary Title

Chapter 1.  General Principles    

Chatper 2.  Interpretation of Laws

Chatper 3.  Conflict of Laws

Book 1.  Of Persons

Title I.  Natural and Juridical Persons

Title II.  Domicile

Title III.  Absent Persons

Chapter 1.  Curatorship of the property of absent persons

Chapter 2.  Declaration of death

Title IV.  Husband and Wife

Chapter 1.  Marriage: general principles

Chapter 2.  Nullity of marriage

Chapter 3.  Incidents and effects of marriage

Chapter 4.  Termination of marriage

Title V.  Divorce

Chapter 1.  The divorce action

Chapter 2.  Provisional and incidental proceedings

Chapter 3.  Effects of divorce

Title VII.  Parent and Child

Chapter 1.  Filiation

Chapter 2.  Filiation by proof of maternity or paternity

Chapter 3.  Filiation by adoption

Chapter 5.  Of parental authority

Title VIII.  Of minors, of their tutorship

Chapter 1.  Of tutorship

Chapter 2.  Emancipation

Title IX.  Persons unable to care for their persons or property

Chapter 1.  Grounds for interdiction

Chapter 2.  General duties of curators and undercurators

Chapter 3.  Effects of interdiction

Chapter 4.  Modification and termination of interdiction

Chapter 5.  Responsibility for wrongful filing of interdiction petition

Book II.  Things and the different modifications of ownership.

Title I.  Things

Chapter 1.  Division of things

Chapter 2.  Rights in things

Title II.  Ownership

Chapter 1.  General principles

Chapter 2.  Right of accession

Chapter 3.  Transfer of ownership by agreement

Chapter 4.  Protection of ownership

Title III.  Personal servitudes

Chapter 1.  Kinds of servitudes

Chapter 2.  Usufruct

Chapter 3.  Habitation

Chapter 4.  Rights of use

Title IV.  Predial servitudes

Chapter 1.  General principles

Chapter 2.  Natural servitudes

Chapter 3.  Legal servitudes

Chapter 4.  Conventional or voluntary servitudes

Title V.  Building restrictions

Title VI.  Boundaries

Chapter 1.  General provisions

Chapter 2.  Effect of titles

Title VII.  Ownership in indivision

Book III.  Of the different modes of acquiring the ownership of things

Preliminary title.  General dispositions

Title I.  Of successions

Chapter 1.  Of the different sorts of successions and successors

Chapter 2. Of intestate succession

Chapter 3.  Of the rights of the state

Chapter 4.  Commencement of succession

Chapter 5.  Loss of succession rights

Chapter 6.  Acceptance and renunciation of successions

Chapter 8.  Of the administration of vacant and intestate successions

Chapter 11.  Of collations

Chapter 12.  Of the partition of successions

Chapter 13.  Payment of the debts of an estate

Title II.  Donations

Chapter 1.  General dispositions

Chapter 2.  Of the capacity necessary for disposing and receiving by donation inter vivos or mortis causa

Chapter 3.  The disposable portion and its reduction in case of excess

Chapter 4.  Of dispositions reprobated by law in donations inter vivos and mortis causa

Chapter 5.  Donations inter vivos

Chapter 6.  Dispositions mortis causa

Chapter 7.  Of partitions made by parents and other ascendants among their descendants

Chapter 8.  Of donations inter vivos made in contemplation of marriage by third persons

Chapter 9.  Of interspousal donations inter vivos

Title III.  Obligations in general

Chapter 1.  General principles

Chapter 2.  Natural obligations

Chapter 3.  Kinds of obligations

Chapter 4.  Transfer of obligations

Chapter 5.  Proof of obligations

Chapter 6.  Extinction of obligations

Title IV.  Conventional obligations or contracts

Chapter 1.  General principles

Chapter 2.  Contractual capacity and exceptions

Chapter 3.  Consent

Chapter 4.  Vices of consent

Chapter 5.  Cause

Chapter 6.  Object and matter of contracts

Chapter 7.  Third party beneficiary

Chapter 8.  Effects of conventional obligations

Chapter 9.  Dissolution

Chapter 10.  Simulation

Chapter 11.  Nullity

Chapter 12.  Revocatory action and oblique action

Chapter 13.  Interpretation of contracts

Title V.  Obligations arising without agreement

Chapter 1.  Management of affairs (negotiorum gestio)

Chapter 2.  Enrichment without cause

Chapter 3.  Of offenses and quasi offenses

Title VI.  Matrimonial regimes

Chapter 1.  General principles

Chapter 2.  The legal regime of community of acquets and gains

Chapter 3.  Separation of property regime

Chapter 4.  Marital portion

Title VII.  Of sale

Chapter 1.  Of the nature and form of the contract of sale

Chapter 2.  Of persons capable of buying and selling

Chapter 3.  Of things which may be sold

Chapter 4.  How the contract of sale is to be perfected

Chapter 5.  Of the price of the contract of sale

Chapter 6.  At whose risk the thing is, after the sale is completed

Chapter 7.  Of the obligations of the seller

Chapter 8.  Eviction

Chapter 9.  Redhibition

Chapter 10.  Of the obligations of the buyer

Chapter 11.  Of the sale with a right of redemption

Chapter 12.  Rescission for lesion beyond moiety

Chapter 13.  Sales of movables

Chapter 14.  Agreements preparatory to the sale

Chapter 15.  Assignment of rights

Chapter 16.  Of the giving in payment

Title VIII.  Of exchange

Title IX.  Of lease

Chapter 1.  General provisions

Chapter 2.  Essential elements

Chapter 3.  The obligations of the lessor and the lessee

Chapter 4.  Termination and dissolution

Chapter 5.  Of the letting out of labor or industry

Title X.  Of rents and annuities

Chapter 1.  Of rent of lands

Title XI.  Partnership

Chapter 1.  General principles

Chapter 2.  Obligations and rights of partners toward each other and toward the partnership

Chapter 3.  Relations of the partnership and the partners with third persons

Chapter 4.  Cessation of membership

Chapter 5.  Termination of a partnership

Chapter 6.  Dissolution, liquidation, and division of assets

Chapter 7.  Partnership in commendam

Title XII.  Loan

Chapter .  Loan for use (commodatum)

Chapter 2. Loan for consumption (mutuum)

Chapter 3.  Loan on interest

Title XIII.  Deposit and sequestration

Chapter 1.  Deposit

Chapter 2.  Deposit with innkeepers

Chapter 3.  Conventional sequestration

Chapter 4.  Judicial sequestration

Title XIV.  Of aleatory contracts

Title XV.  Representation and mandate

Chapter 1.  Representation

Chapter 2.  Mandate

Title XVI.  Suretyship

Chapter 1.  Nature and extent of suretyship

Chapter 2.  Kinds of suretyship

Chapter 3.  The effects of suretyship between the surety and creditor

Chapter 4.  The effects of suretyship between the surety and the principal obligor

Chapter 5.  The effects of suretyship among several sureties

Chapter 6.  Termination or extinction of suretyship

Chapter 7.  Legal suretyship

Title XVII.  Compromise

Title XVIII.  Of respite

Title XIX.  Of arbitration

Title XX.  Of pledge

Chapter 1.  General provisions

Chapter 2.  Of pawn.

Chapter 3.  Of antichresis

Title XXI.  Of privileges

Chapter 1.  General provisions

Chapter 2.  Of the several kinds of privileges

Chapter 3.  Of privileges on movables

Chapter 4.  Of privileges on immovables

Chapter 5.  Of privileges which embrace both movables and immovables

Chapter 6.  Of the order in which privileged creditors are to be paid

Chapter 7.  How privileges are preserved and recorded

Chapter 8.  Of the manner in which privileges are extinguished

Title XXII.  Mortgages

Chapter 1.  General provisions

Chapter 2.  Conventional mortgages

Chapter 3.  Judicial and legal mortgages

Chapter 4.  The effect and rank of mortgages

Chapter 5.  Third possesors

Chapter 6.  Extinction of mortgages

Chapter 7.  Inscription of mortgages and privileges

Title XXII-A.  Of Registry

Chapter 1.  General provisions

Chapter 2.  Mortgage records

Title XXIII.  Occupancy and possession

Chapter 1.  Occupancy

Chapter 2.  Possession

Title XXIV.  Prescription

Chapter 1.  General principles

Chapter 2.  Interruption and suspension of prescription

Chapter 3.  Acquisitive prescription

Chapter 4.  Liberative prescription

Title XXV.  Of the signification of sundry terms of law employed in this code

Book IV.  Conflict of laws

Title I.  General provisions

Title II.  Status

Title III.  Marital Property

Title IV.  Successions

Title V.  Real rights

Title VI.  Conventional obligations

Title VII.  Delictual and quasi-delictual obligations

Title VIII.  Liberative prescription

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