Lorenzo Galeotti

I am a lecturer and academic tutor at the Amsterdam University College.

My main research interests are set theory and descriptive set theory. I am currently interested in connecting the theory of real closed field extensions of the real numbers to set theory and generalised descriptive set theory. Moreover, I am also interested in the theory of surreal numbers and their application to set theory and transfinite computability theory.

I hold a PhD in mathematics (summa cum laude) which I obtained at the University of Hamburg, a Master of Science in logic from the ILLC in Amsterdam, and a bachelor degree in computer science (cum laude) from the University of Pisa. 

I am a guest researcher at the ILLC in Amsterdam (MCL unit).

I am a member of the Council of the Association Computability in Europe (ACiE; 2020-2024).

I am a member of the Dutch Association for Logic and Philosophy of Sciences (VvL).

I am the chair of the local organising committee of CiE 2024.