From left to right: The MS Society, the Val Irvine Foundation and the PCS
Hardship Fund (PCS is not affiliated to any political party or faction).  
Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control the Val Irvine Foundation has not managed to establish itself.  Therefore all money raised will now be split equally between the MS Society and the PCS Hardship Fund.

Total amount raised£5,644.37
Many thanks to everyone for your fantastic support!!!


"Peterhead to Brighton............"  A day's travel by public transport or car.  A long day, but a day's travel all the same.
"By bike?!!!!........."  Yes you heard me right!  On 6 May 2011 I will set off on a challenging and possibly gruelling cycle ride of over 840 miles from Peterhead to Brighton. 
This website will tell you a bit about why I am stepping well outside of my comfort zone; the good causes that I am trying to raise funds for; and the personal challenges that I have set myself along the route.