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Sights, Scopes and Mounts for Long Range Rimfire

Shooting rimfire rifles at long range requires substantial amounts of elevation on the sights, so competitors may need to find ways of extending or adapting sights intended for shorter ranges.

Where to find sights and scopes with sufficient range of adjustment for Long Range Rimfire can be a problem. Some suggestions are given below.

Fully Adjustable Sights for TRSB

HPS TR Ltd supply the RPA Trakker rearsight with many possible brackets for mounting to your rifle, particularly direct to the standard 11mm Anschutz dovetail. The sight has 60 minutes of elevation and 30 minutes of windage adjustment either side of zero. Price (2019) £312.

HPS also market many general accessories for target shooting as well as complete rifles, ammunition and gunsmithing services.

Website: www.hps-tr.com

Alternatively or in addition, raising blocks to give added elevation to regular Anschutz rearsights can be purchased from the NSRA shop.

Tapered Scope Mount Rails

To get to 400 yards, you need about 90 minutes of elevation, so a tapered scope mount is essential.

The Shooting Shed (www.shootingshed.co.uk) can provide standard and custom scope mount rails for target rifles such as Anschutz and BSA International. Typical prices are in the £75 to £120 range. They also sell a vast range of shooting equipment.

The NSRA Shop at Bisley can supply mount rails such as the Gehmann 859-N. This fits to the Anschutz, Feinwerkbau or Walther dovetail and is an extended rail which bridges receivers, offering great versatility when mounting scopes to obtain correct eye relief. It also has the capability to incline the rail in relation to bore line to obtain increased elevation. To order, price approx. £72, delivery 2-3 weeks.

Gehmann website: www.gehmann.com/english/products

Intershoot markets a vast range of rifle sight related equipment for target shooters. www.intershoot.co.uk

Scope Sights

The Optics Warehouse, Paignton has recently introduced the SWFA SS 16 x 42, which has a 30mm tube and up to 120 minutes of internal adjustment in each direction. Price (2019) close to £400. SWFA is understood to be the successor to the Optimate trade mark, which used to market the successful Optimate 10x scope with nearly 100 minutes of internal adjustment.

Second hand Weaver and Leupold scopes with internal adjustment of 50 to 75 minutes (depending on magnification) can sometimes be found at Fultons, Bisley Camp.