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Prologue to the Zamitz:
What they are and why exists.

The Game of the Theory of Games There are two theories, one in Mathematics, incomplete and the other "economicist" (*) that promote the economists, military, politicians and all those who profit with business matters; that is to say, the strategic one, solely.

(*) If a new word, I propose it as pejorative of bad economists.

People or Comunism: The ideas expressed never die, they strain trough time and space by oral tradition or in written form even though some are obsolete. They are part of the cultural patrimony of Mankind. But...


A.G.A.M. Nesterovsy K., M.S.

Scientist, Researcher, Mathematician and Autodidact. Citizen of the world.

Creator of the Zamitzs, who trough this pages makes them available to the internauts, with the purpose to promote the debate of/on sensible subject