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The Religion of Teapotism

The Religion of Teapotism

Before you start to reading this paper I plead to you to open you mind as much as you can and set aside to the best of your ability what I will presume to be a well set in system of certainties and trusted truths for what I am about to tell you will reshape your world and warp the sense of reality as you know it.  This is the religion of teapotism; the purist truth there is and will ever be. Now that I have made such a bold statement I will new set about convincing you of its truthfulness.

I am the profit, the messenger of the great the powerful teapot.  I have no name other because the  glory of my interest comes not from any name but form the glorified words of the great teapot that I give to the common man to live by but how did I come about this life changing  knowledge, this righteous path?  It was the great teapot, it can to me at midnight one night not long ago while I was fast asleep.  I woke from a deep sleep and I saw the great one as a large ball of intense light and it spoke within my mind. It told me the story of time and how what is came to be and will be in the end. I will now tell you now these things as they were told to me.

Life began with water, is sustained by water and will end with water.  This water that began everything, continues everything and will eventually end all things is provided by the great teapot.  The teapot can manipulate water as it sees fit, make it more dense or fluid, Deadly or Prosperous, sour or sweet.  This is how teapot controls the universe and the small rock of earth with such elegance and mystery.  Before the beginning of time the tea pot existed in a massive liquid sea that encompassed the farthest reaches of space and time and at some point it decided to created something, something great and with potential. So the great teapot set about doing this and in the course of many cycles, which is an amount of time only known to the great teapot, condensed the massive amount of water that it controlled into something closely related to the size of our atom.  Over another many more cycles the great teapot changed the consistency of the atom like object of great water to a thick mixture which though further manipulation formed solid objects of an indescribable nature and of a unimaginable small size.

When everything felt right to the great teapot commanded the atom like object that held a great many times what it would normally hold to expand.  Over a many more cycles it watched with great interest and concern as the waters expanded, as solid object both seen and unseen in term of our eye sight was made by the natural interaction of the elements that the great teapot had created.  The teapot was hesitant to change what didn’t necessarily needed to be changes for every change that it made to the water was one of an unchangeable nature; every change effected something else along the timeline of the natural developmental process.

 The great teapot was pleased at what he had created and explored it the greatest of depths.  This is the large mass we call the universe; for many of cycles the great teapot journeyed its great creation closely examining the celestial events both of very small nature and very large but after long he grew tired of this creation and grow wary of things that had brought him such joy in the past cycles.  The great teapot was just come through with his diction to start over and create something new when he noticed something surprisingly he had never seen within all of the cycles it had look upon its vast creation. It was a rock not too much unlike the other billions that existed but it had one large difference.  It has somehow developed what we know as an atmosphere.

This intrigued the great teapot to such a degree that it made a personal visit and explored the rock with its unusual characteristic.  The rock itself was like other it had seen, completely unstable; its surface interest constantly distorted and change by violent eruptions and rapid cooling’s.  If that was all the great teapot had observed he would have had surly left and continued with his plan to create something new but that wasn’t the case. The great teapot stayed and was both taken away and mystified at something that he didn’t know, that he had never seen.  What we now as life.  To us it was the smallest of all microscopic levels but interest the great teapot it had no problem. He had never seen such a thing on any planet and nowhere in the farthest reaches of his creation.

At this find the great teapot set upon monitoring this most interesting of developments and watched the rock cool over many cycles; as the rock cooled the interest as the great teapot called it then developed and a steadily increasing rate.  While the great teapot did have to attend to the rest his great creation he came back to the interesting rock as he so called it as much as he could.  Over a great many cycles the rock cooled and then the great teapot decided to see what will become of the interest and so began his guidance of the rock we now call Earth.

After many more cycles of watching the interesting rock the great teapot felt it was the right time to interfere with the interesting rock’s natural development.  The great teapot added water to the waterless rock in the largest concentrated amount that it had ever used in such a small area.  Worried about the after effects of such a large change he watched over the interesting rock and the interest diligently and something even more interesting happened. The atmosphere of the interesting rock changed to a slightly lighter element that he didn’t know and the interest which he so worried of losing began to grow, expand, and become more complex at many times the speed then it had before.  Soon the great teapot began to noticed moving interests within the great mass of water the interesting rock had created though a number of large gouges formed by the moment of its surfaces both in its early cycles and what was occurring now.

Upon seeing this great teapot decided to take another trip around the rest of his creation to see that everything was alright.  Yet many cycles passed before he made it back to the interesting rock and it was quite different; the surface now stable and cooled supporting the interests of a crawling nature as well as many flying interests. It noticed a great pattern to consumption; we call it the food chain.  Large interests consumed smaller interests and larger interest’s consumed the large interests. This went on as much as the interesting rock went in circles. Another note the great teapot made was the way the interests multiplying and expanded their population had changed. At first the original interests multiplied without any interaction with on another but these new interests need physical interaction between two slightly different forms of the same interest to multiply and the period between the act that initiated multiplication of one interest and the time that the new interest came to be seemed to lengthen.  This seems to subject increased complexity with each multiplication of any interest. Then the great teapot came up with a notion to make them bigger; to speed up what it saw and a slow increase in their masses.  Then so it was done and everything grew because everything depended on water.  The great interest thrilled him for they somehow developed some time of consideration process to which aided their survival.

These consideration processes after many cycles of observing the interests seem to change unlike the nature of the original interest; so the teapot decided to test these obviations with an editing of its water.  The great teapot made the water very cold instead of the usually very warm.  This was no big change but it had very severe consequences to the more fragile plant life.  The plant life began to die and worse than that the sudden change in the interesting rock temperature caused a massive amount of what we know as volcanic activity.  When the great teapot tiring to reduce some of the damages a large rock past by only to be notice by the teapot until it was too late and collided with the interesting rock was a great deal of force.  This was horrible and the great teapot feared for the safety of the interests and the interesting rock which were so rare and one of a kind.

For many cycles the great teapot looked upon the densely cloud covered planet and looked upon the ruins of it surface.  Yet life still struggled to exist upon the surface and subsurface of the now badly injured rock.  Many cycles went by the great teapot watched as the interesting rock slowly recovered but the great teapot still wanted for things to change and to change gradually with without affecting the interests too much. The gassiest light ball that kept the interesting rock heated and help the interests went around the sun a breezy speed to keep all parts of the interesting rock of equal temperature.  The great teapot stopped the moment of the gassiest light ball and made the interesting rock move around the gassiest light ball.  Many cycles went by and this seemed to work but it was off somehow to the great teapot so he makes the interesting rock itself rotate and everything changed smoothly. 

The interests at fist died off quickly but a few survived though the lack of odds and the population of the interests grow and very few died off in the changing of environment.  However these interests were quite an amazement they could go no further. Once again the great teapot manipulated the water and everything began to shrink in size.  The great teapot thought that if everything shrunk everything will become hard and will force the consideration processes to advance further and the great teapot was proven right. Lots of interests died off and more effetely models cam to be and quickly took over the population.  One that stuck out immensely is a one four limbed interest that displayed capabilities that the great teapot had never seen before.  To us we call it the ape.  I am not monking around here the ape was the most advanced of all creatures. It could climb, jump, walk, run and most of all the great teapot noticed that it was the only creature that it had ever seen that had what we call an Opposable thumb.

For many cycles the great teapot watched this four limbed interest and it had what it was looking for; an ever-expanding intelligence.  Unlike most interests these four limbed interest work as a group in many ways.  They most always stayed in group weather they were at their present resting area or off doing separate things.  They also hunted in a grouped coordination for one four limbed interest would be bait while the others ambushed the prey usually without the death of any of the four limbed interests.  Their ability to utilize natural thing form their surroundings for defensive and other ways was also impressive. Many used sharp edged objects made from local stone and latter made a more extended model for longer reach and range. Later the four limbed interests made objects that propelled the extended version of the sharpened edged object at great speeds. 

The great teapot once again had to visit the rest to his creation and was gone fore many cycles when it return to the interesting rock to once again look upon the interests; the great teapot noticed a large change in the four limbed interests.  The four limbed interests had lost most of the hair on their body that they had once had.  The great teapot had noticed some of this change before it had left but it had seemed to complete itself when the great teapot was gone.  The four limbed interest no long need the full hair for the entirety of cycles anymore.

And so the great teapot watch on as the four limbed interest developed and developed again; eventually the four limbed interests become two different interests all together. The four limbed interests had reached their general consideration processing limit but what a limit it was.  There was now something new, something that surpassed the intellect and potential of the four limbed interests; that of which the great teapot called the two limbed interest for these two limbed interest main means of propelled travel depended purely and two limbs but still had the potential use in a verity of tasks four limbs.

The great teapot watched as these two limbed interest did what was natural to them and they did it with more efficiently as time went on.  Written and spoken language and many types developed from many of the group of these two limbed interests and with some difficulty for all new communication is difficult to learn the great teapot learn them and was amazed at the complex thought patterns that these two limbed interest held within the top portion of their bodies.  The teapot was most interested in how they dealt with their constantly changing environment and the events that happen due to the interaction within the element that interacted with each other on the interesting rock.  This is where the great teapot came to come by the concept of religion.  It was a way for them to except the ever-changing environment that they lived in; that is how the great teapot took it as.  The great teapot thought it was a brilliant way to coop with the changes and difficulties of their environment and was further indications of how they could change with their environments with their current consideration processing capabilities.

As always the teapot had to tend to the rest of his creation and he did so in only a portion of a cycle because everything is his creation seemed to be working smoothly.  When he returned to the interesting rock and view the two limbed interests they had advanced very much in a small amount of time.  They had spread to every land mass and amassed large mass of structures of many materials types to which large groups of two limbed interests lived in and interacted with each other.  They had changed also in consideration processes and their ability to do task and developed a structural class system for each group.  The two limbed interests were also far more violent than the four limbed interest that they had come form and this disturbed the great teapot for it was self-destructive act in the long run.  These two limbed interests very rarely worked together and often would sacrifice one for the prospering of another or a group of two limbed interest when they could have easily all rejoiced in the rewards of success.

One final item that the great teapot find troubling was the fact that these two limbed interest no longer regarded the interesting rock with respect that the four limbed interests had.  As the great teapot saw it the interesting rock was in worse condition than it had left it; this worried him for the greatest prize to the great teapot was not the interests that lived upon the interesting rock but the interesting rock itself. It was the only one like it in all of its creation; his crown jewel.  If he saw that the interests that live upon its crown jewel of his creation was threatening its interesting rock they would have to be gotten rid of and start a new form the original interest but this was too early to tell and the great teapot made to great decision without great thought.

As the great teapot when on the interesting rock in form of the two limbed interests it notice yet a another disappointment; the two limbed interests had increased ability to build, and reason and excel but the cooping device known as religion still was deeply seeding in the upper region of the two limbed interests.  They had the knowledge of everything and yet they could not rid themselves of this cooping devise, as wonder to say the least. At last the great teapot curiosity was temporally filled and it went back to look upon the rest of his creation to see what else was about and to think and consider the fact of the interest that resided on the interesting rock.

The great teapot was not gone for long and the to the disappointment of the great teapot the interesting rock was in dire shape and the interests, most notably the two limbed interests, was no more considerate that they were when he had left if only much worse.  The masses of large structures even more massive than ever before and the surface of the interesting rock distorted and manipulated by the two limed interests; even the fellow interests that lived alongside the two limbed interests where in dire shape; mistreated, abuse, and some entirely gone. Something had to be done and it was done.  The great teapot ordered all the water upon the interesting earth to expand and it did.  It explained to such a level many of the two limbed interests and other interests for they where intermingled died and the population was reduced to a quarter of the original amount of interests.

The teapot not pleased to what had to be done had given the interesting rock a fresh start and the remaining interest, whoever they be, one last chance to change their ways and it hoped the two limbed interests had gotten the message but the great teapot didn’t think that was enough it wanted them to be reminded of it constantly so it didn’t have to end them.  So it changed yet again it water and to the previously constantly a peaceful atmosphere that the two limbed interests took advantage of to ruin the interesting rock the great teapot made unpredictable and sporadically violent and destructive to make the two limbed people remember what had been done and what act had caused it and hoped it would be enough. 

So the great teapot left once again on a deep look at the rest of his creation which was much over do and upon his next visit at the end of the next cycle he will come back and once and for all decide the fate of the destructive interests of the interesting rock.

What of the end? That is the real cliff hanger of the interesting rock, isn’t it?  What will become of the interesting rock and the interest if the great teapot decides to end the destructive interests and start a new? Well, it simple.  The great teapot will find all of the interests that respected the interesting rock and the other smaller interest and have fought ageist the destructive way and take them to a prepared portion its creation and they will wait there as the great teapot expands and heats the water upon the interesting rock ridding the interest rock of the destructive interests and starts the interesting rock a new and return the respecting interests to their renewed rock to live and prosper in harmony.

To be a teapotist is to be a friend to the earth and to try with will all ones might to protect it from destructive forces.  The great teapot’s second coming is near and judgment will be casted.  One must put oneself in the grace of the great teapot to not be casted out with the destructive ones. One must protect what he treasures most, the interesting rock; EARTH.

I am the profit

This is the purest truth I speak and will ever be
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