Lobe Digital Wireless Headsets for Windows Speech Recognition

 All LOBE Digital Wireless Headset systems use true "speech recognition specification"
microphones. Their frequency response is from 40kHz to 22.5kHz.
Microsoft's operating system recognizer(s) now sample speech at 16kHz.

Since the LOBE samples the analog speech signal speech at 22.5kHz, the system
captures all of the audio bandwidth (& more) that Windows Speech Recognition uses
and future recognizer versions will use.

 Other commercial headsets capture (typically) from 50Hz to about 7kHz - 8kHz
of requency response. This means they only provide Windows Speech Recognition 
about 3.5kHz - 4kHz of audio bandwidth: Less than 1/2 of what Windows
Speech Recognition is designed to use.

The LOBE is the only self-contained, lightweight headset that gives
Windows Speech Recognition all the audio bandwidth it is listening for..
Unlike any other wireless digital headset.