Jewelry & Repairs

Turquoise Pendant

Sterling silver pendant and earrings...

Turquoise pendant in sterling silver


Chryscola pendant in sterling silver

Mens Silver and Leather Bracelet

Watch Repair (Labor and Materials)
  • Battery Replace-$8.00
  • Strap Resizing-$10.00
  • Clean and Polish-$10.00
Stone Replacement (Labor and Materials)
  • Turquoise Cab-$10-$50.00 depending on quality of stone and size and cut
  • Turquoise inlay-$15-$50.00 depending on condition of setting
  • Other Stone-based on availability. (Now in stock- Lapis, White Opal, Boulder Opal, Chryscola, Wampum and Red Coral)
Cleaning and Polishing
  • Buffing-Rings, Watches, Bracelets and Pendants-$10.00/item
  • Buffing-Necklaces and link bracelets-$20.00/item
  • Jewelry Refinish-Buffing, Ultrasonic and Steam Clean $35.00/item Buffing Large Items (Squash Blossom, Sets, Large Neckware)- ask for availability

Arrangements can be made to mail your piece(s) when finished.

 Before After

 Before After

Ed made these wedding bands for friends during the winter. 

Theo's bustle began by wrapping each individual feather. 

Seaglass Bracelet