Inside the Store May 2019

the little bull, a must stop when traveling...

Summer Hours:

All days, 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.


This year we are proud to announce the debut of Ed's custom line of jewelry.  All pieces are completely hand-made using only the best materials available.  Click here for more information about the process and the products. 

Visitors to the shop can view unique items for sale, but not all of you can visit in person.  Now, we have a select collection of very special items available for online purchasing.   Visit our gallery!

Although Ed cannot divine the location of a lost earring, he can replace turquoise stones, restring loose beads, resize a watch band or ring, or simply polish and clean your cherished pieces. Click here for details.

Whether vacationing for the week in York Beach or cruising up the coast, we always have something to delight your eyes and awaken your emotions.  Our ever-changing collection of authentic Indian-made artifacts which are showcased in the shop help us evolve every day, all summer long.