Who We Are

All told, this soi-disant List of friends is attempting a bold adventure together. Read our profiles below or visit the other pages on this site to learn more about our epic plans. Email us at thelistdoescali@gmail.com, or donate to our cause, Doctors Without Borders.
Daniel, The Groom
“The Groom”
Daniel has recently fallen in love, and because of this he has decided to take the freedom-ending plunge and commit his life to another human being. To celebrate this, as well as the fleeting vestiges of what used to be his autonomy, he is embarking on this adventure as the most epic bachelor party ever attempted. Besides simply being 'The Groom', Daniel has a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long career of problem solving and going on intrepid adventures with his side-kicks, the other members of The List. Daniel has been assigned the difficult task of managing and figuring out the logistics of this week long endeavor.
Sarvagya, The Wildcard
“The Wildcard”
Nobody quite understands Sarvagya; he is an enigma even unto himself. The only way to predict the next thing that he will do is to feebly assay a listing of the most unlikely actions imaginable. Understandably, you are always entirely wrong, as a Wildcard is completely unpredictable. This epic roadbiking trip of epicness, before he leaves for the Vaderland, Germany, was originally Sarvagya's idea, serving his double agenda of promoting feelings of manliness in the hearts of all men and attempting to wriggle himself into the position of Best Man in Daniel’s wedding. Other than being the Wildcard, Sarvagya brings the much needed racial diversity to the group.
Nigel, The Brains
“The Brains”
The youngest and tallest[citation needed] of the glorious comrades, Nigel wants to be just like Sarvagya when he grows up. He’s a fan of challenging new things and interesting new places. Being 'The Brains' of the group, Nigel has a penchant for solving complicated problems ranging from answering purely rhetorical questions to thinking himself into overwhelming handsomeness. He’s been a fan of bicycling since Daniel somehow convinced him to buy a bike and ride to work every day during the summer months of 2010. He hopes to have many more adventures with friends and see a good bit more of the world.
David, The Real Muscle
“The Real Muscle”
David is well renowned for his great prowess in the water and his great strength on land. He is said to be able to hold his breath for over three days under water, and some of his friends will adamantly argue that he secretly has gills. When not munching down on exotic foods in China, you may find David using his immense physical powers to conquer men twice his size. Due to these traits, it is believed by most that his true calling is as one of the great titans of Waterball. Currently David is braving the harshest of icy conditions and enlightening young minds by teaching kids in Atqasuk, Alaska, where he was raised by wolves. However, this summer he will be under the warm Californian sun, adding another feat to his résumé by joining a great adventure.