Walking around the show

There are no outside exhibits this year, save the occasional visit by the Solar Electric Cargo Bicycle.   You may sometimes also meet a group playing a "friendly" game of cribbage, (notice that they are outdoors.)

Looking out the entry windows at library patrons coming up the sidewalk is a sculpture by Herb Ferris, with a bouquet of silk flowers by Colleen Lyman at the door.

In the circulation desk area is a quilt by Elaine Hart, paintings by Abraham Oort, Elaine Smith, Margaret Kannestine, Charles C. Gruppe, drawings by the Library After School Kids, polished stone carvings by Derek Levin, and a duck carving by Elaine Smith

Entering the community room and going clockwise around it, there are exhibits from the Hartland Elementary School 5'th grade Art Class, Murray  Ngoima, Jay Mead, Gloria Brancaleoni, and Stephen Leslie along the west wall.

On the north wall are exhibits from Bess Klassen Landis, Gloria Brancaleoni, and Carla Kimball.

From the left are a print by Gary Milek, paintings by Gloria King Merritt, Bess Klassen Landis, Rae Richards, Lydia Johnson, and a quilted square by Rita Boynton.

The entry wall has paintings by Rene Gerrier, Carol Kiefer, and linoleum block rubbings by Katie Rawson.

In the stairwell area is a painting by Abraham Oort and Robert Raphael, (with sticks, leaves and bugs included), and a sculpture by Karl Kemnitzer that extends up to the second floor.

Upstairs are silk flower arrangements by Colleen Lyman, a display case full of ceramics by Bruce Locke, and sculptures by Christine Hauck.

Looking across the stairwell is a sculpture by Christine Hauck , the top part of the sculpture by Karl Kemnitzer, Alexandra Ambrose's quilt, and a painting by Christine Hauck.

The Adult Reading Room has sculptures by Charlet Davenport and Jann Loeffel, mugs from Barbara Lane, and photographs by Nada Pierce, Christine Hauck, Karl Kemnitzer, Dean Greenberg, and Gary Trachier.

On the table in the Adult fiction room is a setting of "Tea and Sweets for the Queen", with a nesting set of hearts from Charlet Davenport, Tea mugs from Barbara Lane, and two sculptures based on "The Game of Thrones" by Jann Loeffel.

The children's room has many paintings this year, along the south side are exhibits from Hartland Elementary School grades 2 through 6 students Rory S, Maple O, Cory S, Alex F, Carrie, Clare, and Cody C.

The north side of the children's room has paintings by HES students  Molly B, Sydney R,  Alex G, and also Hartland First Universalist Society Religious Education Program students Brianna, Ethan, Eve, Gabe, Jack, Lillian, Remy, and Will.

In the copier corner are pieces by Audrey Lee, Rita Boynton, and Ric Wenger.