Artist Contact Information

Please contact these artists with any inquiries about exhibits, or other works for sale:
(Note: click on "email" to get addresses, this is to help prevent spam.)

Alexandra Ambros, email, (quilt)
Gloria Brancaleoni, 802-674-9432, (oil paintings)
Janet Cathey, art teacher at Hartland Elementary School,                (students art work)
Charlet Davenport,
Sara Doolan, email, (contact for First Universalist Society Religious Education)
Chuck Fenton, 802-436-3354  (paintings by others offered for sale to benefit library)
Herb Ferris, 802-674-6391, , (mixed media sculpture)
Dean Greenberg, 802-436-3223, email (photographs)
Elaine Hart, 802-436-3325, email , (quilt)
Christine Hauck, PO Box 364, Hartland, VT 05048, email, , also graffeast on  Facebook, (paintings, sculptures, photographs)
Judith Howland, 802-436-2347, (quilt)
Margaret Lampe Kannenstine, (painting)
Karl Kemnitzer, email  (Curator, sculpture, photography)
Carla Kimball, email , 802-436-1144, (photography)
Bess Klassen-Landis, 802-674-5808, (watercolor, pen and ink)
Barbara Lane, EarthStar Pottery, PO Box 175, 169 US Route 5, North Hartland, VT, 05052, email, 802-295-2922, (ceramics)
Stephen Leslie, 802-436-1448, email, (painting and drawing)
Derek Levin, 802-436-2504, email, (stone carving)
Bruce Locke, 802-436-1152, (ceramics)
Jann Loeffel, 651-707-2369, email, (sculpture)
Colleen Lyman, PO Box 169, Hartland, VT 802-436-3217, (silk flower arrangements)
Jay Mead, email,  (sculpture)
Murray Ngoima, PO Box 39, South Pomfret, VT 05067, 917-854-4961, (collage of natural materials and acrylic, pen and ink drawing)
Gloria King Merritt, PO Box 100, Hartland Four Corners, VT, 802-436-2200, , (painting)
Abraham Oort, email, 802-436-1136 (painting, sculpture)
Katherine Rawson, 802-436-1125, email, (pencil drawings, and contact for Rick Wenger)
Elaine Smith, PO Box 196, Hartland, VT,  802-436-2831, email (painting, carving)
Gary Trachier, 802-436-2971, email, (photography)