Li is Chinese for Pattern, as in the essay "Not laws of Nature, but Li (Pattern) of Nature" (by Dolores LaChappelle).   This community art show theme is centered around the patterns that are found all around us, from quantum subatomic particles to the outer reaches of the universe, with us in the middle.

The show is held at the Hartland Public Library during the month of October and the first of week of November this year.  The schedule is:
-September 26-28 (Thursday-Saturday), Drop off exhibits during normal library hours
-October 1, show opens
-October 19 (Saturday), 2-4 pm show reception
-November 12-14 (Tuesday-Thursday), Pick up exhibits during normal library hours

Previous shows have displayed works in almost every medium, and artists have ranged from elementary school students up to nationally known artists.  There have been some amazing works displayed.

The poster lettering is from the Book of Kells.  Originally  I drew in a border of curved lilies (similar to Mapplethorpe's black and white photos), to match the lettering, but there wasn't enough pattern, so I used row of anemones styled after Charles Rennie Mackintosh's painting "Still LIfe of Anemones".  A very Scottish poster.

A big thank you is due to Judith Howland for helping put this show together.

Please feel free to contact me or the library with any questions you might have.

Thank you,
Karl Kemnitzer

In memory of Carolyn Boeri, an artist from Hartland who passed away this September.