Through the Keyhole Still Offline
posted - 9/20

Some members of the Limited Hangout's conspiracy Web ring are still offline as of today, mostly notable Through the Keyhole.

Starting about three weeks ago, LH and its kindred Web sites began experiencing server outages.

Lyle Kaschalk, publisher of Consensus View, says, "We've always had redundancies for our redundancies.  We've never had a server failure this extensive.  I used to joke, 'Nothing ever disappears if you post it to the Web.'  Well, I'm eating those words right now as we struggle to recover our archives."

"It's been a complete clusterfuck," says Ducan Shawn, editor and publisher of Through the Keyhole.  "We will recover from this, but it's starting to look like the next issue is in jeopardy.  We may have to back everything by a quarter."

As the shit continues to hit the fan, LH and its tinfoil-hatted Web ring is making the most of ARPAnet's ability to tunnel over, under and around obstructions.