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Mike Vreeland

A White Knight Talking Backwards

by Michael C. Ruppert

[Copyright 2002, Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications,, all rights reserved. May be reposted, reprinted or distributed for non-profit purposes only when this statement appears with the text.]

TORONTO, [Filed January 25, 2002, and Revised January 28, 2002] - EDITORIAL NOTE: In our original story we indicated that the note written by Delmart "Mike" Vreeland had been sealed in court records. We based this on a misreading of Canadian press stories. In fact, the warning of the World Trade Center attacks, written by Vreeland on either August 11th or 12th has been introduced into open evidence in Vreeland’s case in Toronto. Using court records in our possession, FTW has scanned the document and it is available for viewing in this story. We apologize for the error. Following is a revised story which we feel is the best way to present this important information in context.]  Read more.

WILDCARD: Down the rabbit hole with the man who says he tried to warn the world about 9/11
A GNN Special Report By Sander Hicks

Part One: A White Knight?

"The question of could [9/11] have been prevented will haunt us  as long as we exist as a country." - Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.)

Delmart "Mike" Vreeland wants to meet me in the parking lot of the Loblaw grocery store on Lake Shore Drive in Toronto. I arrive as a silver Lincoln circles the parking garage. I park and the car silently glides to me. The passenger door opens. Vreeland is sitting in back, hair cropped short into a Caesar cut, wearing a tight black ribbed t-shirt and black parachute pants. He looks like Eminem. He leans forward and says, "Lock your car. Get in."

As a black storm builds out in the harbor, we head to a big tourist restaurant on the waterfront called "Docks." Vreeland buys us two beers each, we drink and talk. He wonders aloud if anyone is tailing us. Suddenly everyone around me is middle-aged, dressed inconspicuously and wearing sunglasses. The storm breaks and we run inside. The middle-aged men follow us in, still wearing their sunglasses. Read more.