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posted 11 Jul 2012, 08:13 by Bernd Faszl   [ updated 12 Jul 2012, 09:37 ]
Here's the statement we wrote together with our buddies from The Forum Walters, dealing with the fact that some of our shows were cancelled due to Joey's religious beliefs. Needless to say, we're looking forward to all our shows that haven't been cancelled.

Dear friends,

we've spent quite some time to book a tour trying not to end in a major financial disaster. It does not really help the situation that our van got broken into and valuables worth over €6000 got stolen in Italy. Our little group consists of Joey Briggs, The Forum Walters and The Liberation Service, who share the love of music and touring.

We are now dealing with the consequences of an article about Joey's religious beliefs, published by a German magazine.
We want to clarify that we do not share Joey's beliefs in any way but we are well aware that Joey is primarily a musician, not a missionary.

Everything we've worked for so far is now on the brink and we, The Liberation Service and The Forum Walters are just two small Austrian bands who worked their asses off to get this tour together and we are still working our asses off every single day on tour.

The article published by the magazine already led to some cancellations which mean far more than financial disaster to us. We are not gonna let this get us down and hope for your support. We're looking forward to our upcoming gigs.

Greetings from a Romanian petrol station,
The Forum Walters & The Liberation Service