Tour Dates September 2014

posted 9 Sep 2014, 12:59 by Bernd Faszl

Sep 11 - Cheb @ Jazz Rock Café

Sep 12 - Diest @ Jeugdhuis Tijl

Sep 13 - Lille @ La Rumeur

Sep 14 - Nijmegen @ De Onderbroek

Sep 15 - Aachen @ AZ

Sep 16 - Paris @ La Mècanique Ondulatoire

Sep 17 - Würzburg @ Immerhin

Sep 18 - München @ Kafe Kult

Sep 19 - Zagreb @ Depo

Sep 20 - Ljubljana @ Klub Gromka

Sep 21 - Graz @ Sub

Sep 22 - Wien @ Das Bach

Sep 23 - Jena @ House Show (directions: highdiveinjena at web punkt de)


posted 11 Jul 2014, 04:43 by Bernd Faszl

hey everyone!
we were asked to play this year's Mighty Sounds festival in tábor, cz. we'll be playing the fire & ice stage on saturday at 21:20.
see you there!
the liberation service


posted 11 Jul 2014, 04:41 by Bernd Faszl

it's been a while since we've posted something new but this time we've got a big announcement to make.

first of all we've finally managed to book some studio days for late september to record our second album. we're more than excited to work together with thomas pronai who's going to capture the whole thing live on analog tape. more details soon...

also right before we're hitting the studio we're hitting the roads of europe together with high dive from bloomington. not everything's confirmed yet, but we couldn't wait any longer to shout it out. hope to see everyone on tour!
here's the routing so far:

sep 10
sep 11 | hamburg, germany | rote flora
sep 12
sep 13
sep 14 | nijmegen, netherlands | de onderbroek
sep 15 | aachen, germany | AZ /w be!tiger
sep 16 | paris, france | la mècanique ondulatoire
sep 17 | würzburg, germany | cairo
sep 18 | münchen, germany | kafe kult
sep 19 | zagreb, croatia*
sep 20 | ljublijana, slovenia | klub gromka*
sep 21 | graz, austria | sub*
sep 22 | wien, austria | das bach*
sep 23 | budapest, hungary
* /w xaxaxa


posted 17 Nov 2013, 06:04 by Bernd Faszl

Sometimes when you write a song, reality detonates like a bomb over you - exposing that your song idea really was just a butter knife compared to what's happening out there. We can assume that it happened to many bands before, but by the time this song was written, we and a lot of people didn't expect it to be THAT BAD!
We decided to make a video of this song and soon we'd like to show you some footage of how we thought to tackle this issue our way.


posted 5 Aug 2013, 08:23 by Bernd Faszl   [ updated 5 Aug 2013, 08:25 ]

here's a small video of our live recording session at vik's place. the original plan of seeing cis using his voice (while strolling around in the park) didn't quite work out as planned. we ask for your understanding. in return, verena is playing the violin in another park.

the song will be released through LaserLife Records and Shield Recordings on a split 7" with WOAHNOWS in september 2013.


posted 26 Apr 2013, 07:48 by Bernd Faszl   [ updated 26 Apr 2013, 08:11 ]

Finally, we managed to do some pictures of us, that are not taken right before or after a show. So we met up in the Grazer Stadtpark, fooled around for a little while and Marie Drücker did the rest!


posted 1 Oct 2012, 14:50 by Bernd Faszl   [ updated 2 Oct 2012, 10:08 ]

hey friends!
about three years ago we've played our first gig in rotenturm, austria.
since then THE LIBERATION SERVICE had 4 different drummers, did 8 tours (some were short, some ridiculously long), played 130 shows in 12 different countries, met some of the the greatest people you can imagine and grew beards (at least most of us).
tonight we're playing a squatted former kindergarden somewhere in holland together with our sweethearts in soey. really didn't see that coming when we first practiced!

we sincerely can't thank you enough for the support in the last three years.
the liberation service


posted 15 Jul 2012, 09:58 by Bernd Faszl   [ updated 9 Oct 2012, 23:25 ]

We're glad to announce that our debut album of The Liberation Service "Hearts Unchained" was re-released by eminor7-records. Cheers to Tim Vantol!


posted 11 Jul 2012, 08:13 by Bernd Faszl   [ updated 12 Jul 2012, 09:37 ]

Here's the statement we wrote together with our buddies from The Forum Walters, dealing with the fact that some of our shows were cancelled due to Joey's religious beliefs. Needless to say, we're looking forward to all our shows that haven't been cancelled.

Dear friends,

we've spent quite some time to book a tour trying not to end in a major financial disaster. It does not really help the situation that our van got broken into and valuables worth over €6000 got stolen in Italy. Our little group consists of Joey Briggs, The Forum Walters and The Liberation Service, who share the love of music and touring.

We are now dealing with the consequences of an article about Joey's religious beliefs, published by a German magazine.
We want to clarify that we do not share Joey's beliefs in any way but we are well aware that Joey is primarily a musician, not a missionary.

Everything we've worked for so far is now on the brink and we, The Liberation Service and The Forum Walters are just two small Austrian bands who worked their asses off to get this tour together and we are still working our asses off every single day on tour.

The article published by the magazine already led to some cancellations which mean far more than financial disaster to us. We are not gonna let this get us down and hope for your support. We're looking forward to our upcoming gigs.

Greetings from a Romanian petrol station,
The Forum Walters & The Liberation Service


posted 18 Jun 2012, 10:19 by Cis Cisinger   [ updated 11 Jul 2012, 08:35 by Bernd Faszl ]

Here are the dates for the first part of our tour in july. We'll be on the road with Joey Briggs (US) and The Forum Walters (AUT). More dates are to be announced soon!

June 29, 2012    Wien, AustriaShelter
June 30, 2012    Prague, Czech RepublicPopoCafePetl
July 1, 2012    Milano, ItalyTNT
July 2, 2012    Bologna, ItalyChet's Club
July 5, 2012    Athens, GreeceK44
July 7, 2012    Istanbul, TurkeyDogzstar
July 8, 2012    Bukarest, RomaniaClub Underworld
July 9, 2012    Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaGambrinus
July 13, 2012    Wangen, GermanyJUZ Tonne
July 14, 2012    Wunsiedl, GermanyJUZ
July 15, 2012    Bad Hersfeld, GermanyJUZ
July 17, 2012    Berlin, GermanyCortina Bob
July 18, 2012    Hannover, GermanyBei Chez Heinz
July 19, 2012    Hamburg, GermanyHafenklang
July 20, 2012    Emden, GermanyGrusewsky
July 21, 2012    Paris, FranceLes Combustibles
July 22, 2012    Bonn, GermanyMaya Mexican Bar
July 24, 2012    Münster, GermanyBaracke
July 25. 2012    Regensburg, GermanyKaffe dAdA
July 26, 2012    Graz, AustriaMusichouse
July 27, 2012    Amstetten, AustriaDarkslide Bar
July 28, 2012    Timelkam, AustriaGei Musikclub

For Part II of the tour (from July 29th to August 18th) we'll be supported by our old friend Mr. Mark McCabe! We're totally looking forward to share the van with him again. If you're not yet familiar with his music, check him out!

BTW: If you live in or around Graz, feel free to listen to our INTERVIEW on Radio Soundportal. It'll be aired on June, 18th (late afternoon).

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